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Jeff G

No streaming on my roku or Sony blu ray. This is becoming frustrating. Seems this is starting to happen more and more often.


Xbox is working just fine for me. Enjoying True Lies, classic Arnold


I've been trying to enjoy the new streaming season of Doctor Who but it won't show up on the Wii.


Maybe they should stop spending all this money on international expansion and fix the service here?


"Maybe they should stop spending all this money on international expansion and fix the service here?"

Hey Jolly:

Why don't you fu kk'n stay on topic? In case you can't remember, the question was "Are You Having Streaming Problems?". It has nothing to do with what should Netflix do with their money.


I have had a problem for a week or so with Monk. It starts fine, then the video goes in to slow motion as the audio mainly continues ok. Same problem has shown up on other shows from time to time but goes away. I have tried Monk several times, even different episodes and it seems to be a continuing problem.


I haven't had any problems although during the last two weeks I haven't had time to stream that often.


Roku worked for me last night, as did my Xbox. But when I used the Xbox the only things that showed up were my queue, search watch with party. No other categories showed up.


Could not login to Netflix on my xbox last night.


I could not log in to Netflix on my PS3 last night. It has nothing to do with the PS Network being down because I have been able to access Netflix the entire time.


Our PS3 was out too.
So pissed. we tried everything to get it to connect. we switched over to our computer in our bedroom to get our Dexter fix.


I agree, very frustrating, you call Netflix, not their fault, you call Roku not their fault, this has gone on for Months for me. I love Netflix when it works as it's my main source of entertainment, but when it doesn't work, it gets so old.


Netflix wasn't connecting on my WD TV Live! Plus or Wii, but worked fine on my TiVo Premiere. This makes me think it was a problem with the adaptive steaming (which TiVo does not support).


There is not a week without error messages. Either "unresolved error", "unable to display queue", or just won't play. I go to the other apps on the Roku box (Amazon and Hulu are just two of them)and they work.


Same Roku problem here. On the plus side, I got to try out the Amazon movies on demand, and it worked very well. HD picture quality was excellent.

J. P.

Couldn't access anything on Netflix around 10pm EST; whereas, renting Apple movie worked fine on the Apple TV.


Went to bring up Netflix on Sony Blu-ray player last night (approx. 8pm central) and just got error "The service cannot be accessed at this time; reference code 300". The unit is connected via hardwire and I was able to access other online services. This was the first time I tried Netflix streaming in a few weeks, I think first time since the Sony Playstation network breach, so I immediately thought it may be related. It's working again this morning though.

In the end, this is why I still subscribe to a DVD plan as I don't fully trust streaming only. Still had a disk (Tron - Legacy) to watch! I could have a complete Internet outage and as long as I have power, I can still watch. :)

Osama Hastings

Last mile providers are also planning on ramping up throttling disrupting streaming now that net neutrality is a thing of the past. I wonder how much of the issues everyone is having is related to that???


Netflix was out on my Sony devices yesterday, they are loading slowly today.


Was unable to log in to NF on my Sony Blu-ray until after midnight last night. I even had to re-activate at one point but still continued to get the "reference code 300" error. Was able to stream via my laptop only.
With all due fairness to NF, this is only the second time in a year that I have experienced streaming problems.


Wife was having trouble streaming (stop and go) on ipad2.

By the way, is there a topic for the PS3 network problem. The PS3 network is still down and I have to do lots of Enters and Backs to get Netflix to eventually load the browsing window. Where can I discuss solutions to this problem on this forum?


PSN has been down for two weeks because some hacker(s) broke in, rumors(cnet) are that it will be down till the end of May.


"Last mile providers are also planning on ramping up throttling disrupting streaming now that net neutrality is a thing of the past."

Hey Jolly, can you back up your accusation with proof? You haven't ever backed up anything else so I doubt it.


"Thanks to Gaurav and everyone else for sending this in."

Sending it in to whom? Where?

Riverside Guy

I noticed last night it was very hard to get logged into Netflix (from a PS3). I did eventually connect. My "24" icon never loaded enough for start a stream, but I COULD for Farscape. Played an ep and it went just fine the whole time. Around 1AM EST I saw I could start a 24 ep, but went to sleep instead.

I know this has nothing to do with the PSN being down, this KIND of issue I have seen a number of times before.


To Mike, the owner of the blog, via his GMail address. Look for the 'contact me' link in the WELCOME section at the upper left of every page.


wII had issues same with the website till later in the eveing the website beging to respond but not my wii till the morning of the 10th


I don't understand how the Netflix app on the PS3 interacts with the Playstation Network. When I start the Netflix app it automatically tries to log into the Playstation Network and fails, because that network is down, but then it eventually gets through the red Netflix loading window, while the Playstation network login keeps popping up and eventually I get to the images of the Netlix streaming browser. Does this happen for everyone or do I have something out of whack? If it happens to everyone I bet there are a lot of very frustrated Netflix PS3 users out there because you could easily come to the conclusion that the whole thing is broken and not be trying to stream Netflix through PS3 at this point.


@Tester I would say Jolly has made a good case about a lot of subjects. I think the only thing you've done is nothing. Why should the guy even respond to you?


Netflix has gone straight into the toilet..


@regfman - Unfortunately, for some people the whole thing *is* broken... while they can get the the browser portion of the app, attempting to begin a stream causes another PSN login attempt from which there is no way to circumvent, an enter and back gets them an error from the Netflix app which ends all buffering and places the user back into the browser portion of the app. BTW, I am one of those unfortunate souls, and yes, it is *very* frustrating...


Had the same problem on my roku and Panasonic BD player for a few hours.


I was, on my Roku. Couldn't seem to pull up my queue at all. Then it got the search section, but no queue. Then the beginning of the queue, but no end. By this morning it seemed to be working, though I didn't check it extensively.


Who cares after my 1 month free trial there's nothing to watch on the streaming anyways.


@ pepo;

If you are talking about posting a lot of negative Netflix talk without any real substantiation you are correct.

If you are talking about posting without regard to what the subject matter of the topic is you are once again correct.

If you want to include name calling and being a general pain you are right one more time.

There are right and wrong ways to get your point across. One of the right ways is to back up what you say with facts not conjecture. As far as I'm concerned Jolly and all of his other names have failed to do things the right way.

As far as Jolly responding to me, I don't give a darn if he ever says anything to me.

His lack of response with facts to substantiate what he posted are very telling.

Btw...Jolly is pepo a new name for you?


for the last 2 weeks getting this error thing.
slow at opening certain programs etc.


tester you have issues dude.


What exactly would you like the guy to explain for you. I would say he's gone out of his way to state his case he thinks Netflix is corrupt and I kind of agree with him but I'll ride it for all it's worth.

I don't think you've done a whole lot of anything but belly ache.


Hey suds, care to expand on that.......dude!


@ suds;

Jolly made the following statement;

"Last mile providers are also planning on ramping up throttling disrupting streaming now that net neutrality is a thing of the past."

I think it's fair to ask for facts to back that statement up.

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