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I tried to load Hot Tub Time Machine but the title did not appear, this was around 8:30 Eastern. I noticed a bunch of 'image missing' titles that would not appear. I was able to watch Cheers though.


I've just done a somewhat extensive test on both my PS3 and my Roku.

With the PS3 when I first clicked on Netflix I was asked to sign into PSN which obviously failed. It then showed my queue. After my queue came up I was again asked to sign into PSN and again it failed. I proceeded to start several different movies and television shows, both new and old. I had no streaming issues. I logged in and out several times and each time the same events happened.

When I clicked on Netflix using the Roku I got a prompt saying there was trouble loading my queue but after I clicked cancel, or something like that, the queue showed up. I then proceeded to load the same movies and television shows I loaded using the PS3 along with different ones. I had no streaming problems. I again logged in and out of Netflix on the Roku with the exact same results each time.

That is the was it has been for the last two weeks. I have Comcast broadband.


Tester seems to shot himself in the foot by ranting about others being off topic, while he is doing the same thing. There is a nice way to respond to others on here Tester, you just haven't figured out how.

Back on topic, my Netflix resumed shortly after midnight central time. But now it is giving of the 300 code error on Sony Blue Ray and not connecting at all via Roku or Wii.

YouTube tripe

I think toonie got it right. After 1 month free trial, you've seen all the interesting streaming content. Everything else is re-run popcorn for the brain. One small step above all the user generated tripe of YouTube.


Same problem here, PC and iphone works fine on netflix, but not on my wii. Very frustrating, I called netflix and they said "it's a nintendo problem" because netflix works on all other devices. But, I see in the forum that there is a lot of devices that stopped to work in the last 2 days.
It looks like the problem will remain down for several days or weeks.
I hope for a solution soon.


Perhaps the Netflix streaming service 'heard' about the HBO Go app for Android, iPhones and iPad and became so despondent that it crashed? I wouldn't be surprised if HBO stops allowing streaming of any of it's content other than to HBO subscribers through HBO Go.


I could be wrong, but I think Chris was saying that the iPhone and PC works fine... not that they were broken.

Not sure what's up with Chris' Wii though, I was using mine last night and it was working perfectly.


Tester I mean Anon. I'll have to get to you later I got enough dummies I'm dealing with right now. For now look at Canada and the new lower bandwith caps.

Bob E.

HBO Go - Has always been only for HBO subscribers. How can it stop what it has never done? Worse yet, only 80% of HBO subscribers can get GO, not Time Warner cable customers or Infinity.

Quiet Desperation

I tend to find an error message when I switch over to stream something, but then it streams just fine. Things happen overnight or when I'm at work or something, but never when i want to use it. Just lucky?


I have no idea whether this is a partial solution for those who can't NF working on the PS3 with the network down, nor why it would it work but:
When I called Sony early on complaining about not being able to get NF working, this was before the general announcement that the network was done, they told me to set up another user on the PS3 and be in that user when starting NF. I don't know why that works but it seems to make the difference. If I forget to switch to that user (I do get an error message saying it can't log in) it seems that I can't get into NF. Takes a few Enter Backs to get through but I eventually get on.


@regfman - I created a new user on the PS3 and selected to login as that user. I then selected the Netflix app and received the message "You must sign up for Playstation Network" with the only option to click "back". Upon selecting back, the following message appears "Playstation Network sign up is required for the use of Netflix. Please exit by pressing the PS button and sign up for PlayStation Network then try again." If I am missing something, please tell me. I'd love to be able to use Netflix on my PS3 again. It had been working after the outage, but one day, after working that morning, it was suddenly no longer working in the afternoon and hasn't since.


I think I'm beginning to get the idea now. It seems that every time I begin to have streaming issues, where the quality maxes out at 2 dots for a few days in a row, this is followed up by an outage. At least I know the warning signs now.

Once the outage is fixed, it's back to full quality on streaming again.

Of course, all the while, Netflix CS blames my ISP for the issues.


No, HBO content is being streamed from places other than HBO Go. What if HBO decides you have to be an HBO customer and stream only through HBO Go?

The Incredible Coffeeman

I never have issues with my netflix. Ever. It's perfect in every way. On my Windows 7 laptop to my GF's POS Macbook to my Sony PS3 with a downed PSN, using two seperate internet connections, I never have trouble, not even a slowed connection that has to recalibrate or anything. I LOVE IT. I had some strange issue a while back where the title icons on my PS3 would scroll through about five or six, then back to the first icon I was on, but the movie info on the side was whatever title I think I was supposed to be on. That was all very confusing, but didn't last but 48 hours and didn't have time to figure it all out. Besides that hiccup about two weeks ago, my Netflix rocks ass.

Unfortunately, I've seen jolly take so many names that every time I see somebody supporting him and slamming BP, I can't give it enough credit to even hardly read it. Anyhow, I come to this site when I'm bored and look for the latest BP/FLUFF rant, as I find it all fairly amusing. Fluff, copy & pasting from anywhere but his own mind, and BP not being able to not take the bait. It is all starting to look a bit like a Sonic the Hedgehog game though. Same battle rehashed with a different background and essentially the exact same gameplay with the exact same plot.

BP: Are you really faking being that stupid or are you really that stupid?


Tester isn't me, but nice try.

Ashley in sd

Still experiencing netflix streaming problems. I thought it was just me until I saw this forum. Does this happen often? I'm on a free trial now, but won't want to purchase a subscription if this is a common/reoccurring issue.


Hey fluff;

Sorry to burst your bubble but, although I agree with most of what Anon has posted, I am not Anon.

Unlike a few people here who need to feel secure within themselves by having multiple aliases Tester is the only name I have used here going back to the TypePad days.

Richard D

seems that is happening alot lately. I seem to get that 3 or 4 time a night now for the last week or so... I wonder if I use the service too much?????


@ Richard D:

With Netflix, unlimited should mean unlimited but there was a time some years ago that, after a lot of complaints, Netflix kind of admitted to throttling heavy users of their DVD rentals. I think I was one of the most vocal ones here saying they were a POS company.

If I remember right there was a lawsuit filed against them because of the throttling.

That said, if they did it to the DVD renters there is nothing to stop them from doing it to the people who stream a lot.

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