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Steve Irving

I started reading about the UI change and thought it didn't matter much to me since I didn't use Instant Streaming on my PC. THEN I logged onto my PS3 and saw that the update had caught up with me on THAT platform. What a mess.......

Called in and talked to customer service, then put my account on hold for 90 days, if the interface is the same at that time I'll cancel.


The more Netflix emphasizes streaming over by-mail DVD rental the more I am considering dropping my account with them. More and more they seem to be giving long-term customers a giant middle finger.


Couple ways to revert back.

Make sure you're logged into your Netflix account.
Click on or paste the following URL into the address bar:

Or install the Chrome Extension that forces this same url with a fix for a couple issues.

Michelle Downs

Dislikes: The size of movie images (one line takes up the whole screen on my mini laptop), scrolling through the rows is awfully slow and the movement is jerky (the old buttons to click to the next row of images was better), no titles, ratings or "add to" buttons unless you hover over the image, the play button on images, the removal of the red background.

Likes: ...


I dislike the new interface. It makes it laborious to open up movies in tabs for further investigation. I normally surf by middle clicking on interesting links, which will open up a tab in background. That is how browsers and the internet works! Middle-Clicking on the artwork now opens a streaming tab in the background, instead of the details page. To get to the details, you have to hover and find the More Info link for each interesting title.

The new interface assumes that the first and only thing people want available in one click or hover is to start watching the movie. That is absurd. Watching the movie, if it is even done in the browser and not from the queue in Media Center or other device app, would still come only after examining the rating, description, cast & crew, & user & critic reviews for a typical user, I would think.

I can't imagine that surfers found it too difficult to get a movie started before this change, but they will find it too difficult to explore and add to the queue now.

I like the larger artwork, the window filling UI and the edge scrolling. I dislike the default function of playback on click and the hiding of information that could probably be still displayed.


I HATE the new interface. I remember when i signed in a week or so ago and thought I accidentally maximized my screen resolution. Everything is SO bit that, scrolling and navigating is a BIG pain.
Also, I'm having a hard time just browsing different genres. I feel like I'm not being shown everything. I know you can scroll left/right on the ribbon (or whatever it's called)... you know that marquee thing.
And MOST annoying of all is that NOW when you click on a title (cover) it takes you straight to streaming. If you want to go to the page of the movie to read full synopsis or member reviews, you have to HOVER and click a link from the popup balloon.
I hate that there is no way for members to choose the previous interface or keep the new one (as apparently a few people like it). They should give us a choice. WE PAY!!!

Seriously what were they thinking.

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