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Pat Billone

I'd like to see Breaking Bad as well. Not sure if this contract for Mad Men is with the production company or AMC...or are they the same?

Marquis Tate

I've been waiting on this show. *excited*

Brian Hard

Finally! After going through 2 seasons of discs and now moving to season 3 today it'll be nice to just watch them one after the other. 3 episodes per disc has been a crawl. Although I will miss out on some of those fun commentaries from Hamm and the crew.


very good


Not for me as I will be dropping streaming at the end of August prior to the price increase in Sept. Just give me my discs!


As I don't have cable, this is a good thing. One concern I have is that it is an exclusive. If Hulu Plus or Amazon gets exclusives on other good shows we will be out in the cold or we will be paying as much as cable by needing multiple providers. It also increases the cost of the incensing fees, which means less content or higher prices.

This is why Netflix DVDs still rule. It is the only source for nearly all new release shows and movies(I consider the 30 day window to be fine).


I wonder if all episodes will be available or certain ones will be DVD only. Another reason I put my account on hold, contemplating cancelling.


We have them already in Canada. Four season, 52 episodes in streaming.

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