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Chris Walker


Scott Templin

I cannot get Voyager or Enterprise to view on my PS3, I can watch on my laptop, but not the PS3.

The little "working" task button thingy has been running on my PS3 for those two titles since Friday. I've tried letting it "work" for up to 15 minutes at a time and no joy.

ultimate sadness =[


I tried to watch Star Trek on my ipad but the sound is so low it's a whisper. Same thing with the 911 Commission - volume too low to hear on ipad, computer and Roku. I have informed Netflix but no response.


Scott, i have the same problem!!!


Hey, you forgot to mention Voyager is streaming as well.


Yeah I can't get my PS3 or Boxee Box to playing any Star Trek shows either.


Watching TOS right now. Interesting, is this the first Paramount content in HD? As I'm sure everyone knows, Paramount is part of the Epix content which is notoriously in SD. Yet, here is ST: TOS in dazzling HD, as is Enterprise (not that I could ever understand why anyone would want to watch it anyway).


Oh, FYI, I'm watching TOS on my PS3, no problems...


Still no Star Trek on my PS3 or Boxee Box. Everything else plays fine.


never heard of this program


Paramount released the first Star Trek series on DVD with CGI enhancements to space scenes, so if this is that version it is not so "original".

Robert Emmerich

See the caption photo w/ Kirk, Spock and Sulu? See the big bold white "STAR TREK" letters in the cool Star Trek font? See where it says TOS, Original, or The Original Series on the photo? Didn't think so.

Oh, and the same also goes for Rambo 1 and Ep. 4.

Damian Burford

I'm sure this has been addressed on here numerous times... I use a Vizio BluRay player to stream Netflix. With the shift to the new TV Series format, in which all seasons are listed under the single title, it seems to limit each series to 100 episodes, and randomly episodes are missing from the Queue, but I can come over to my computer and still view them from the CPU... I have this same damned problem with all of the ST series. Anyone have a clue on a possible fix?

Damian Burford

Nevermind. Searching the forums, I found that this problem has been brought up!


Robert Emmerich, why don't you look up some information about the "original" Star Trek series, like looking up the listing at Amazon, and find that despite it being the original 1966 series, there is a remastered DVD release with CGI enhancements. Netflix had that version before, and the only way to know was to actually rent it and see since it wasn't noted anywhere. I'm not even much of a Star Trek fan and I'm aware of that. Are you, or just going by the word "original" to make a pseudo-pedant response?
Anyway, I watched the first episode and there did not appear to be any modern enhancements.


The same no streaming problem is occurring with my WDTV Live plus box. It seems all these items that can't stream are ones that do not use Microsofts silverlight. I suspect this problem is probablly related to Microsoft doing one of it's not so subtle moves to promote use of it's products. *GASP* I know, I know, MS engaging in unethical business practices is SHOCKING...right? yeah....right. Netflix rocks, and hence needs to end this business parnetship with MS. plus it sux not to b able to stream to linux. (hmm, aren't all the devices that have this streaming problem w/ Voyager Linux based? yes. Microsoft's behind this)


Homersbrain, this has nothing to do with Microsoft. I am using non-Silverlight devices with no problem. Please take the trolling elsewhere.


This is getting very annoying. They still wont play expect on my 360. I'm going to call netflix tech support today and report what they say.

Jeremy Tartaglia

PS3 Netflixer here, and no...Voyager does not seem to work on mine. TNG does, and I haven't tried the original Star Trek or Enterprise because, frankly, I disliked them. I suspect this is a problem with the PS3 version of Netflix, and nothing more. It's not the first time the PS3 version has caused me to hook my laptop up to the TV. :)


Okay after talking with a Netflix tech on the phone he told me that their is a problem with the PS3 being able to play Voyager and Enterprise.He couldn't tell when it would be fixed and what exactly was the problem was but I can confirm that their is a problem with the PS3 playing Star Trek. My guess is their is some weird problem with the HTML5 version on these devices. My iPad 2 will also not play it.


Just to clear one thing I can play TOS on my PS3 now. It's just the two series I mentioned above now.


Good news! It looks like Netflix fixed the issue and all is good now.


Not completely fixed yet. I have my video quality preference set to 'better (700 kbps)' but I'm still getting 300 kbps quality (2 dots) on my Roku. That goes for Voyager and for everything else - 2 dots across the board.

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