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Robert Emmerich

I'll be more impressed when they add alphabetizing and a queue.
Seriously, how hard can it be to add "A-Z" in the drop down box? Maybe it doesn't matter for movies, but for tv series it's quite necessary.


Any idea if this was exclusive? Is this why the whole WordWorld series (almost) disappeared from Netflix streaming?


It's really annoying that, with streaming, it seems we're heading toward a two-company system (or even three if you count Hulu) where all content is divided between them. Imagine if cable providers were that way....you could go with Comcast and only get the exclusive channels of ABC, Fox, MTV, FX, Fox News and Showtime, or you can go with Charter and only get the exclusive channels of CBS, NBC, VH1, AMC, CNN and HBO. Ridiculous.


This is great, just for the sake of competition, but even as a Prime member I'm not going to use the free TV/Movies because there's no queue. And unless there's a queue, I will stop using Prime after my one year of trying it out.


All that content is on Netflix and Hulu, much of it on both. Amazon is just wasting their money at this point. To get people to switch they'd have to get exclusive content. Right now they are just pandering to the crowd that will keep both, and not very well at that in my opinion since there's no need for both.

Idaho Dad

I'm not a Prime member for the streaming. I'm a member for the free 2-day shipping. I order 3 or 4 items each month from Amazon, and the Prime pays for itself in just about 3 months.

The streaming? Meh, it's kind of pointless right now.


I'm a Prime member with a TV that has Amazon access and it seriously needs to be upgraded. It seems like the least they could do is keep all their TV show seasons together instead of scattered throughout several pages. I wouldn't be surprised if Amazon were to raise the Prime fee because of streaming, when most customers have it for the shipping convenience.


Hulu's best feature is user subscription to favorite shows and the new episodes are added automatically to the queue as they air for continuous viewing whenever. It would be nice if the Netflix "watch instantly" queue were also a playlist. I'm usually sewing or baking when watching and I hate to be interrupted just to go to the computer to click on "next episode" or to find the next movie.

[Hulu's worst feature is its unfriendly catalog of what is available and not having much quality listed. ]

Netflix is(was?) best of all its competitors at having some quality wares and lots of old gems like "Wings of Desire". Somebody at the top of Netflix once had brains and vision and good taste. Either Reed has lost his or he got rid of the guy who had them (more likely). Going by the ratings numbers, which Reed seems to be doing now, simply means those of us who are the niche market they call "cerebral" now have nowhere to go and we used to call Netflix home.

Will the PBS Masterpiece series at Netflix have the missing 15 minutes that PBS edits out from the BBC versions???? It would be a big plus to be able to see the full BBC episodes and not the edited PBS versions...especially for the mysteries which really suffer from the butchery.


I meant to add that Amazon has a lousy user interface so I decided not to join. I really like the old one at Netflix (luckily it is still available http://www.netflix.com/WiHome?fcld=true ) that typically made intelligent recommendations and quickly separated out the ones I'm not at all interested in from the rest. It seemed to be smart enough to not put the junk movies I will hate in front of my face even once.

The new carousel interface at Netflix is SLOWER, clumsier, and has DUMBER algorithms so my decision about Amazon may change if the old Netflix interface is taken away completely and the "good" movie selection gets worse.


http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B005XU172W ... so much for next-day availability. Been half a week and they still want $3.

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