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and that is why the post offices are closing down


Just anecdotal but I've had Damages S3D1 and S3D2 come up missing (didn't arrive) in the past weeks. Waiting to see if S3D3 does the same. S3D1 was just returned after 2 weeks.


I'm glad my mail guy is also my fantasy football commissioner.


What a loser, he will lose his job and spend time in prison over $1500.


This guy was so stupid to not even think to throw away all the opened mail and envelopes? He had to have thought that he might possibly be under suspicion at some point, right? He didn't even think to cover his tracks.

Paul Nelson

As my dad always told me: "Nobody said criminals were smart!"


I've had a few disks go missing after I mailed them back. Oddly they always show up 3 days late. I stopped taking them to that post office and stopped putting them in my mail box and the problem disappeared.

Edward R Murrow

How can we get this level of fraud detection focused on Wall Street and the banking industry?


Same here as Serra pointed out. After moving to a new town a few years ago, I noticed lots of problems w/ NF returns not being received when they should have been. This was using my home mail box. Whenever I return them from some remote blue mailbox however no problem...quick turn arounds. Often the movies made their way back very late and in a few cases never made it. I attribute it all to some human activity, whether criminal or not, at the local P.O. I'm streaming only now so won't have to deal w/ this problem any longer.

Susan Fan

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This is why there is shows like the worlds stupidest criminals. Sounds like this guy was stealing a lot of mail and not just discs from netflix. Criminal charges being faced are likely dozens of counts of felonies, one for each personals mail that was opened regardless of the content. As it is a federal offense to open someone else's mail.


Not too smart, especially after hearing about the guy a few years ago who faced like 18 mos and 35k in fines...someone else said it best when they said who says criminals are smart. Guess this guy did not know it is a federal offense to open someone else's mail (I mean he IS only a postal worker??)


Here in Alabama we have disks and amazon packages go missing every time our regular mailman is off.

Makes me miss the small town post office in Idaho


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