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I've had my streaming hit over 500 when I've had something in my DVD Queue that hit Instant Watch and the site automatically put it in my Queue before, but not DVDs.


This is exactly what I was thinking last night. QWIKSTER was such a baffling idea, the only amazing part of it was that it was announced in September, and not April 1st.

So what if their only real rationale behind it was their lifelong inability to show more than 500 titles on a page? They seem to struggle with this what should be basic (for them) issue, more than anything else. I can't think of many sites that have to show this many links on one page, and figure out a way to do it with style (and not freaking sliders... I almost expect their next great idea to be a sliding, fully animated queue). The old stats about how many Netflix users have queues nearing 500 can no longer hold true.


"Uh, Reed, what if we added a second website, and then we wouldn't have to combine the DVD queue & instant queue into one big'un?" ... "Registering domain right now - you're a genius Andy."

FM Last

I can also confirm being able to exceed 500 total titles in my DVD queue, though around 20 of those are in the 'Saved' section, interested to see what happens when I get to 501 in the main queue.


It;s not counting the saved movies toward the limit, but there's still a 500 movie limit.

Emory LaserWolf

Main queue still cannot exceed 500. Dammit.

Mario D.

I'm at over 600 titles in my DVD queue (more than 100 of those are in the saved section). But I've noticed it will only let me add additional titles if I go to the indvidual movie's page. For example, if I go to Meryl Streep's page and try adding all of her movies from there, I get the "queue maxed out" message. But if I click on them one by one and add them that way, it works. Odd, no?


The way this works is that if you have 500 movies in your normal queue and something from your "saved" section becomes available, it will extend the DVD queue to > 500 (rather than deleting it or giving you an error).

Kal Sostarecz

I never have more than ten or so in my queue at a time... what's the point? The amount of time it takes to browse a five hundred title queue, which can't be broken down by categories, is far greater than just using the master list itself.


I've had it happen when I had a full movie queue and a movie is moved (by Netflix) from Saved into my Main queue. But it's not something I can do manually.


294 DVD Queue + 213 Saved DVD = 507 Total. But I could swear their old policy didn't even let you exceed 500 between those two sections.


Jesus, how do you all get so many movies in your Queue at a time. I've been with netflix over five years and never had more than thirty-something. Usually only around ten or so. Right now I have twenty-something between DVD and instant and feel like it's too much!

FM Last

I did start getting errors again at 508 total (483 main + 25 Saved).

It's easy to get so many movies in your queue, when you can find interesting selections from Netflix's deep catalog faster than you can watch them. Takes even longer to work through your queue when being throttled, as I currently am.

Kealani Smith

Two-thirds of my DVD queue is "Saved." It's kinda pitiable reallyv


I currently have 423 of my 444 DVD queue as Saved DVD titles. I generally only add titles to the Saved queue. In the past I've bumped up against the 500 limit when the Saved queue starts approaching 475 - so I'd make room by deleting bogus Saved titles Netflix obviously won't be acquiring.

I use my Saved queue as a holding corral for future Netflix new releases, ones with no availability date. Most titles in the Saved queue haven't even made to the theaters yet.

So that's why there are so many movies in my DVD queue.


My instant hit over 500 yesterday which caused my XBOX360 to think that I didn't have a queue. Once I lowered it back to 500 I did not have an issue.

Ed Hurley

I currently have 252 titles, in my saved queue, and only two are recent releases, which will get moved up. I stopped adding titles, to my saved queue, when it reached 250, because they haven't added any, of these older titles, in the three years, that I've had them, in the saved queue.


I suppose it is possible they are testing bringing the saved queue doesn't count against the queue limit to the disc queue. That would be rather nice as long as we are still allowed to add stuff to the saved section of the queue. And are still able to view the saved section as well.

My disc queue is currently 429 + 71 saved section and I'm not able to add more to it no matter where I try to add from. However it has always been that when saved titles become available that they push the queue size beyond 500 but you weren't/aren't able to add more until the total drops below 500.


I was up to 554 in my queue (500 + 54 Saved). As soon as I hit 500 available movies, they cut me off completely, meaning no more added saved movies either.

So I experimented. I deleted one movie off the available queue and tried to add more saved movies. It worked. I was able to add as may saved movies as I wanted so long as I had only 499 movies in my regular queue. I got up to 604 movies in my queue before I actually ran out of saved movies to add. Theoretically I probably could have kept on going until either my brain or my computer exploded, whichever came first.

In summary, up to 500 movies regular queue. More than that, both regular and saved are "full." Saved section is (so far) unlimited so long as the available queue is not at 500.

Wonder why it's not working for some people though... Now excuse me while I go re-evaluate how I'm spending my life ;)

Walt D in LV

I currently have 424 in my regular DVD Queue and another 96 in my Saved Queue, showing a total of 520.

I can still add movies to my Saved Queue. Currently, I'm going through the movie listings in the newspaper deciding on which movies to add to my Queue (obviously, in the SAVED section).

Several have asked "Why" would you have so many titles in your Queue. My reason is so I don't forget about a film. There are thousands of movies I'd like to see, but only so much time in the day/week/month.

Mobile Reporting

i have the same problem ,but not 500 less then it

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