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Just a terrible way to do it. I got excited thinking I could remove at least one of these from my DVR (because CW's "streaming video" website is the worst I've ever seen in my life), and this deal means nothing to anyone until the end of 2012.

This does not deserve applause.


Now only if they can keep this pace up and get other shows? Why is there are so many good shows not out on DVD yet like NYPD Blue why doesn't net flick go after show like that?

Sean Mccoy

maybe smallville coming to stream on netflix but the damage is stll done

Account Deleted

@MattChance - "Previous seasons of “The Vampire Diaries,” “Gossip Girl,” “One Tree Hill” and “Nikita” will be available to watch instantly on October 15"
Unless you interpret that differently than I do, it looks like some content will be added starting on Saturday.
Supernatural and 90210 will be added in January 2012, I am pretty sure January is at the beginning and not the end of 2012.
However maybe your findings are different.
While I am not a fan of most of these shows, I am pretty sure this will mean something to someone this year.

Account Deleted

@Bill - I also hope Netflix is looking at the unlikely to be released on DVD titles. The Wonder Years and Malcolm in the Middle are good starts (are there others?). NYPD Blue is at the top of my want list, season 5 was announced for DVD a few years ago so I would guess that it is dead now. I would also like to see Night Court. Maybe HackingNetflix could start a post on this subject.


For one thing, I have never been a fan of these "exclusive" deals. For every exclusive that Netflix has, there is one that a competitor has. What it boils down to is if you have varied interests, you end up having to pay multiple providers to access all of the content you like. I would prefer that deals remain non-exclusive across the board, which gives each service the best opportunity to one day become a one-stop-shop. Netflix would pay less for non-exclusive deals, as well.

Second, though it is encouraging to see Netflix announcing both small and large new deals quite often, many don't fully come into play for a year or more. Meanwhile, more and more titles seem to be rapidly dropping out of my IW queue on a weekly basis and the Stars content is scheduled to disappear long before much of this new content will be added. I fear most of 2012 on Netflix streaming may seem like the old days of trying to find something good to watch on cable at 2am.

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Netflix RULES !!!!!!!!!!!!

John Petrey

Crap TV. Where is the flix in this mess? Rename the company if you are going with mindless TV shows over FLIX! Of course instead of the silly ideal to create a website for DVDs which you abandoned thank god, branch off with a TV website instead.


Yay Supernatural!!!


I've been waiting for this to show up here since I've read this on Netflix's Press Room Blog, as I wanted to comment.

Despite people watching CW shows or not (I do watch some), I think this is a good step forward for Netflix and digital content in general. It was known that CBS/The CW was not making contracts with services such as Netflix or Hulu to allow streaming of their show. I think this is a step in the right direction. From that list, I do not have much to watch, except some seasons of Supernatural (sadly I have to wait till January),
but what I'm most hopeful off is that Hulu manages to make a deal with them to stream current season content, since the exclusivity of Netflix is only for older seasons.


And of course, I also wanted this deal to include some older The WB/CW shows that I missed when they aired... Such as Gilmore Girls, Veronica Mars, Smallville, The O.C...

Account Deleted

@Samukas - I was wonder the same thing at first.
I think it may be because the titles you mentioned were all produced by Warner Bros. and are no longer airing on the CW. So Netflix would have to negotiate directly with Warner Bros. instead of the CW (Combo of CBS/WB) for their back catalog. Just a guess though

Robert Emmerich

13 comments and nobody mentioned the potential billion dollar (B in billion) cost?


It's less per year than Starz but we're still talking free OTA programs that many people have already watched. Wonder where NF is going to get the money from ;-)

That said, I may watch Supernatural.

Account Deleted

@Robert Emmerich -
1 Billion / 10 Years is 100 Million per year.
100 Million / 25 Million Subscribers (Not sure if that is correct) is $4 per subscriber per year.

Netflix will probably loose more subscribers in the short term, but I would expect that to turn around by early next year especially if they keep adding content like they have been recently.


I have read in more than one report that the majority of NF streaming customers are using it to watch TV shows and not movies. Even though most people that post here want to see more movies, it appears the silent majority is getting what they want out of the service. Frankly I use it mostly for past TV shows as well...stuff I missed or ignored when it first ran. 1/2 way through Frasier currently.

I would guess that people want to take advantage of their BluRay, DVD and 5.1 sound players when watching movies but don't care when it comes to older TV programming. And at 8 bucks a month it's a cheap library of past series.



You make some good points. Gotta agree they have plenty of great TV shows.

Yet Netflix does deliver a good section of Movies. Yeah it would be nice to have more newer films but I myself have found plenty of stuff I missed that I wanted to see.

Thus anything I haven't seen is new to me.

Plus if I want see a recent flick real bad. Have plenty of options....

So yeah it's a good value. All we can do is keep an eye on the deals they keep making and the content that pops up.


There is just too much on TV that I can't see everything and usually don't. I primarily use Netflix for shows. I always wanted to watch Mad Men and Breaking Bad but never got the chance once they were on...I don't have a DVR so recording was not an option. I am in the 3rd seasons of both now. I think the selection is fairly decent for what we have so far with respect to older and more recent shows. I never got the chance to see The Killing (another AMC show) but I assume that will be on here as well once it is released on DVD. I have heard good things about Supernatural and will be checking that out but would have liked to check out Smallville. I've also gotten my Walking Dead fix over the last week in preperation for tonight. All in all I've been happy with our streaming service.

Wesley Gibson

I agree with both Crow550 and Pat. Movies are easier to rent and personally I prefer blu-ray anyhow because of the better picture/sound and the commentaries. With TV shows however you can only rent so many discs at a time and Netflix has entire seasons and series readily available to watch and enough of the shows I like to keep me happy. I look forward to seeing Supernatural when it arrives and I'm already going through Nikita as I post and the Walking Dead as soon as I'm finished with that so it's all good for me.


So far for Blu-Ray and new releases. It seems Blockbuster Total Access is pretty good. With no 28 day delay for new releases. Price is about the same as Netflix with Blu-Ray.

However for just New Releases. Redbox is pretty good too.

Well see if Netflix adds more Blu-Rays and such.

Plus all the other streaming services like Vudu & Amazon.

I also gotta say being October & a Horror fan. Netflix has some nice classics streaming too.

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No smallville? Is it a part of this? Seems like it's the crown jewel in CW's line up (not exactly a rich field of quality) weird it's not a part of it.

Account Deleted

@Solo4357 - Smallville is not part of the CW lineup. Unfortunately it ended its run before this deal was made.

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