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Robert Emmerich

If anybody ever gets HBOgo w/o an HBO subscription it will probably be Xbox Live members due in part to their $50 yearly fee and MS having enough money to pay TW for it.
I don't have an Xbox, nor do I have any intention of getting one, but the more they get the more the competitors will as well. I use my PS3 for most nf streaming, and hopefully next year the WiiU will compete as well. nf streaming to the controller would be a nice bonus.


Hopefully, Captions/Subtitles will be part of this upgrade.

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I hope the update includes 5.1 surround. Any word?


Wow. The update is horrible.

1. You can't see screenshots while fast forwarding or rewinding.

2. Previously, hitting the start button paused and restarted the show. Now hitting the start button brings up a menu and then you have to select pause.

3. Everything is slower...you can't scroll through movies anywhere near as fast. The bumper buttons move you forward through the list 4 at a time.

4. The screen gets smaller when the credits start. Annoying if you want to see something in the credits.

On the plus side:

1. subtitles have been added, at least to the few shows I've been able to watch since the update. The menu is accessed by hitting Start.

2. Hitting Y brings up the search.


parties gone, restart/resume gone... when tryign to shoose your tv episode, whichever one is highlighted will auto play which is annoying... no more small buffer, but that means video starts out at lowest bitrate and it takes 30+ seconds to build to highest rate so you get really crappy video and think your connection is bugged but it is really the new player...

IMHO, for what they added it isn't worth it.. 5.1 audio and subtitles and lots of crap if you ask me.. the Wii interface looks and behaves better


This update is horrible! I liked all the things that they took away and the new look and function is NOT user friendly. The worst part is that when you click on a show, it automatically starts playing without giving you the option to select which episode you want to watch! Total disappointment.


The update adds 5.1, but will kill TV show viewing for me. I can't tell which episodes I have watched and which I haven't. Also the auto start is annoying, I want to pick the episode before it auto starts!


We should get a Recent Post with a poll asking if its good or not. Trust me the beta forums for the dash are going insane of this horrible horrible update.


We must come together and let Microsoft know how we feel about this update. Get them to change everything back to the way it was. Here is the support number 1 800 469 9269.


Let Netflix know. They build the app.


For the love of God, this Netflix app needs to be reversed. It's just awful. Poster above said it all, no screenshots when rewinding/fast forwarding, start button no longer pauses/plays, and movies/shows autoload, not letting you select an episode first... wtf? Not to mention all this crap makes it slower.


Help do something about it, suggest a change:



or call http://account.netflix.com/ContactUs?show=true


you can also hit there facebook page...http://www.facebook.com/netflix


Honestly, I love everything about the new dashboard, EXCEPT Netflix.

Why didn't Netflix just stick with the tried and true Metro UI that every other app is using? Zune is a great example of how to do this well. I'm not asking for the old app back, I just want the new app to use Metro and support key things like restart and episode selection.

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