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Brendan Weiss

At 4:30 EST, our instant queue wasn't available on the Roku device. We selected a movie by using their keyboard function, and it played OK. At 6:30, our queue was back.

sean mccoy

well netflix wont be around much longer if this keep up

sean mccoy

i also think neflix is better off replaceing reed hastings and if verizon some how buys netflix or any company reed is out of there and never heard from again worce CEO ever


was tryign to watch an episode of bones and it would go to HD, then back down to 1 bar, then to 2 bars where it held...not my connection as a speed test shows 5.8mbs (Only need 3mbs for 720p HD)

sean mccoy

here is what im thinking with the new xbox 360 update it has auto play and when you brows a movie it will pop up a pic of a sceen in the movies that what im thinking is slowing the servers down a bit


no problem here in northern michigan .
so i suggest everyone move here ..


Netflix stopped working last night... Never had a problem before the Xbox360 "update"


I had a movie stop in the middle with a note saying "movie no longer available for streaming" through my bluray player. I then went back to the queue and started it again and it resumed playing. A couple minutes later it skipped back to an earlier part in the film.

I'm now on my laptop and am getting a "streaming temporarily unavailable" message. Frustrating


having trouble on logitech revue and ps3


I can always count on my instant queue getting rearranged EVERY SINGE TIME there is an outage.
Takes my top 10 or so and sends them down to the 170s.

I have 240ish total.

Its happened 3 times in the last 2 weeks and 15+ times today.

Calling them has the same effect as not calling them.


I haven't been able to watch NetFlix on my Wii for the last 3 days.

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