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Does anybody know how exactly streaming is rated/regulated? I mean, MPAA rates movies and you have the TV rating system... is Netflix not held to any standard like regular web video? If Eli Roth can have the handcuffs of ratings guidelines taken off this could be interesting. I could see a lot of risque' shows looking at Netflix since the market is pretty limited with HBO/Showtime/Starz.


Good question. I think internet streaming is not rated at all. Netflix prob will not allow some content, e.g. XXX, to be streamed as a good will jester to those who would object to it.


I like that they're getting new content, but GOD is Eli Roth a terrible writer/director/actor. Can't get excited about this.


I don't know J-Witt, I was not a fan of the Hostel franchise but did very much enjoy 2001 Maniacs & Cabin Fever. Both had elements of slapstick/comedy to them similar to the Evil Dead, that's where I think Roth thrives. If he ventures outside of that, it doesn't seem to work.

Chapel Hill Ice

I don't mind Netflix streaming XXX, but I would like an easy way to prevent my kids from assessing that content (perhaps, a PIN or password). Right now, there's no difference between "Dora" and "Barely Legal".


The ultimate answer if you ask me CHI, is profiles. Different logins for different people. Not just controlling content, but to separate viewing habits. I have no idea which Mythbusters I haven't seen because my daughter has watched them all now.

Robert Emmerich

As a tangent aside, it seems to me nf is getting much better on the tv show front. I bought my parents a 3 month streaming only subscription last year and remember telling them to watch 30 Rock. This year I'm recommending - in no particular order - Walking Dead, 24, Bones, Arrested Development, Mad Men, Weeds, Nip & Tuck, Breaking Bad, Rescue Me, Sons of Anarchy and White Collar. They mostly watch the big 3 so this should be a nice change of pace for them. I'm not expecting them to like half of it, but I'm sure they'll find something new that hooks them. Just seems like a way larger selection than this time last year. (Sorry for wasting everybody's time if I'm completely wrong about that.)



Edward R Murrow

When Netflix can talk James Gandolfini into coming back and making a new season of "The Sopranos" exclusively for Netflix, then Netflix will be acting more like HBO. Until then, don't change the channel because I'm busy watching "Boardwalk Empire".

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