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Account Deleted

The Entire runs of Spaced, Black Books and Terriers were also added this week

Joseph Finn

And I'm sure there are plenty of people here who've liked Spaced and may not know that Black Books might be right up their alley as well. Manny!


Has anyone else noticed that even though the saved instant queue is no longer available, movies that were listed in it, still reappear when they become available again? I say why not just turn this feature back on. Come on Netflix, fix this too!


Yes, the removal of the Saved Instant Queue was reported here a couple of months ago. I don't think much about it to remember what bothered or didn't bother me about that.
I'm glad to see some of the Pierce Brosnan series of James Bond movies up for streaming. I'm guessing it might last a month since usually the other Bond films seem to stream for a month and then go off for a month.


a month is correct


netflix is worthless. The streaming videos are all old crap. I don't understand why people use this.

Get a clue!

If you compare Netflix to basic cable which also shows "old crap" by your view only Netflix does so without the ads (fun fact basic cable costs more and has ads) and being edited for "content" (basic cable cuts and censors movies too. No Tits & Ass for you!) and Netflix does none of that and only costs at least $8 a Month. T & A for everyone!!!!

So Netflix is a good deal.

Find a better legal service for the same price? Come one.... Post it or shove off.

Guess what buddy? If we want to pay more for a service with more premium content we will. Hell some of us are too. We like too.... Mix and..... Match services! I know it sounds scary but damn we have so many choices for content!

So shut the fuck up and move on. You're the one that's worthless.

Understand in that pea sized brain of yours that if you want the Newest content you have to pay for it. DERRRRR!

Which you know what? You know what? Do ya? Do ya know? Netflix also offers DVDs & Blu-Rays by mail! You know the postal service! DERP!

So does other services like Blockbuster.

There is even magical red venting machines called Redbox that will let you rent a newer Movie for $1 a night or 50 cents more for Blu-Ray! There blue for some reason at the ding dang Wal-Mart.

Wanna know what you get on these shiny coasters? Newer content! Holly shit! Blows your fucking mind doesn't it?

Did you know that you can mix and match services? Who da thunk? You don't have to just use Netflix is the content is too old for you. Hell you don't have to use it at all. Let others enjoy and go troll somewhere else.

This will really blow your mind! Many people still pay for Cable and Satellite and also use Netflix too! Wha, wha, whaaaaat?!?

Here's another thing!

Did you know that film and TV have been around for a long, long time? Before you were born. Before you were mistakenly conceived when the condom broke.

So I am sure you haven't seen every Movie & TV show? You know just because it's "old" doesn't mean it's "crap".

Like most of the stuff churning out of Hollywood these days is pure gold and everything before it is shit.

Maybe you should gain some taste.

Plus many of us Netflixsters enjoy the service because anything we haven't seen is new.

Hint: It's new because we haven't seen it yet!

So take your worthless self and bitch elsewhere.

There is a difference between constructive criticism and whining.

So I bid you good day and piss off.


Preach it Brotha!

Joseph Finn

Has anyone else been able to play Black Books? It keeps coming up as streamable in the search but doesn't play.

Robert Emmerich

Thanks for posting all of these Mike. I'll be looking forward to it each week.


@Tom, yes, I just noticed the stuff I had in my instant queue that went away ("The Spy Who Loved Me" and "Tetro") reappeared, as well as movies I added to "save" like "The Lamp". It popped up in both my disc and my instant queues.

Ron Moses

Hmmm... I'm not seeing Spaced anywhere in NF streaming, what am I missing? I searched on Simon Pegg as well.

On a separate topic, am I the only one who gets excited when he sees something he's interested in added to streaming, only to have that excitement deflated the moment he sees that Starz logo? The quality is always so awful. I'll be happy to see them go.


"I'm still going to post the new DVD releases on Mondays because the new DVD releases are shipped on Monday" -- Exactly, shipped on Monday, so you want them on your queue prior to shipping, i.e., you should post new DVD releases prior to Monday!


What The Bleep Do We Know doesn't seem to be available for streaming...

Mark R

Spaced showed up for me no problem in NWI


I came here to make a statement that Frank just did. The DVDs ship on Monday, and my only hope of getting a new release in the first month is if that DVD is already in my queue around 1am Monday. I've always loved your postings of new releases, however they are so much more valuable to me if you post them on Sunday. I also subscribe to Netflix's new release RSS feed, but your summary is an intelligent way for me to cut right to the best releases.

Thanks for all you do!


Kingdom keeps saying it isn't available when I try to play it from my Roku

Bill Versailles

It appears netflix no longer shows horror new arrivals for instant viewing. That sucks. I like horror movies.

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