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enter... the conspiracy theorists........

Fred Talmadge

If this was around a few years ago when I wanted to share my movie list with others I'd welcome it. Now I'm tired of of all this social media stuff.


Wait... you mean I'd have to opt-out for each movie viewed? I figured it would be an opt-in feature. If it's opt-out, then I'm 100% opposed to the idea.

However, if they mean you can opt-in to sharing in general, but still opt-out on specific titles, then that would be okay.

Basically, as long as the initial sharing is opt-in only, I'm okay with it.


From Netflix's blog which is linked to above...

"Note that nothing will be shared unless you choose to connect your account to Facebook and sharing can be turned off at any time."


It's commendable that NetFlix is offering some control, but the critics have a point. Customers should have a choice to share everything, only share some things, or share nothing. And granular control should be stronger than "oh I have to remember I don't want to share this". It should be like Windows update or Firefox download, with an "ask me every time" option.

And it definitely should not be left up to the discretion of the company to offer the controls. This kind of consumer protection definitely needs to be legislated. The existing law is there because the market didn't provide adequate protections.


Let's also not forget this is not just about Netflix, which may or may not provide adequate privacy controls. Once the law is changed it will apply to ALL video providers. Changing the privacy protection this important legislation provides will have negative ramifications long after Netflix is sold or folds. Contact your Senators and let them know you oppose any changes to this law!

Walt D in LV

Sorry, thatboy , if the passing of this law brings us closer to the Netflix Friends features, then I am fully in support of it. I want to be able to share my movie ratings with my Friends, and more importantly, I want to see what my Friends think of a movie before I watch it.

Netflix' Cinematch recommendation system is amazingly accurate, to be sure, but nothing's perfect. And what my Friends think is nowhere near perfect, either. However, I'm not going to call them up every time I'm considering a movie. It's easier just to check and see online, etc.

For anyone who's not interested in Netflix, or any other company, using this system, the law provides that they can opt out.
I, for one, am definitely opting in.

Riverside Guy

The best choice for any customer in any industry is the ability to set it up the way that works for them. It's all about customer choice and Netflix would be well advised to make sure of that, law or no law. It should never be a burdensome process...

Keygen Center

Hopefully this doesn't hurt Netflix..


I just got the update, and Netflix won't work for me! Any suggestions?

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