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That guy is functionally retarded. He's comparing PPV (3.99+ per movie per day) to netflix streaming (8 bucks a month).


The problem being she is comparing Netflix's "free" or subscription selection vs. AMZN/iTunes rental purchase selection.
What I want to know is how does Netflix's subscription selection stack up against AMZN free Prime selection.
Also, what is the rental /purchase price for the AMZN/iTunes movies.


I've compared menus: At Ruth's Chris Steak House they offer a Filet Mignon, while at McDonald's they only serve a quarter-pound hamburger!


Offering the movies online is not the equivalent to selling me the actual BD disc.
As far as attempting to get me to pay 6 to 10 bucks for a streamed film they are sadly mistaken. Not gonna happen.

Robert Emmerich

What everybody else already said. The internet may be limitless, but that article is still waste of space.


As others have stated, the article is pretty useless...comparing apples to oranges


Thanks for the comments. You saved me from having to read the article.

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