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If Microsoft couldn't make it work then Intel will also fail, the studios want too much money to be profitable.


when will they realize consumers want ala carte programming?


exactly sly_3 - the last thing I want is another service to keep up with that may or may not have what I'm looking for. Give me Al la carte and unrestricted access to everything (example: why no Fringe on streaming?). None of these companies get it - especially the content providers and studios. EPix and Vudu (which is making a valiant effort however with their new walmart offering) will most certainly be relegated to also-rans in comparison with Amazon and Netflix.

Studios are so concerned about piracy but don't learn the lessons of history. Restrictions results in a black market you can't control and don't make any money off of. Outcompete the pirates and the only piracy you'll have to worry about are actual thieves which is .000001% of the population as opposed to well-intentioned people who would gladly pay for content if they would just provide it in the format and convenience they are looking for)

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