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Finally saved by the bell is on instant watch I remember Netflix stream it in 2007 to 2008 when they first started. It been a while and I hope to more great shows.

Altas part 1 is a good movie and part 2 comes out fall 2012


Love TinTin! Glad I quit Netflix streaming - nothing there.


Ooh... Saved by the Bell... Netflix seriously needs to get some better movies on the streaming side. Some of us like Blockbusters.


since starz is gone it's hard to find anything to watch ...i know what the next step will be

Alan E

Yep - it's called switch to dvd only plans... since dvd's are and continue to be the best medium to watch entertainment upon... Dvd's are not only NOT a dead entertainment option, but they are (when part of a service such as netflix offers) the most cost efficient option.

For those customers who have to pay their internet provider for their internet usage amounts... dvd's are also a no-brainer...


Netflix instant is losing quite a few foreign films on the 15th. Hulu plus is looking more and more attractive. "Saved by the Bell"?!? Are they forking kidding?


Hi @troll and @alan @jon netflix streaming is great way to watch movies over and over. I know the titles are not the great is so sad that starz left but i think netflix finding a better to make deals with tv movies to get fast movies and better shows like saved by bell which it used to stream in 07 to 08 for a year. what i see is netflix is going back to 07 to 08 where they used streaming titles like jumanji , war inc, indina in the cardboard and more titles. redbox is the best way to get new hot titles for one day new fresh and fast. streaming is great to enjoy random and none stop clicking streaming. I hope april 1,2012 will bring be titles again.


I'm really, really starting to reach for stuff to watch on streaming. Netflix has to get some better stuff. The relatively inexpensive cost is the only reason I keep this service. I can only watch so many old television series. Then I begin to worry about just wasting my life trying to fill up my queue with this stuff....


Streaming is going to have some slim pickings until later this year when the studio deals kick-in, I'm keeping streaming because I can always find something to watch. Hulu Plus is horrible for movies(not to mention the ads), I cancelled recently because they removed a few TV shows that I liked.


Any word on what happened to Adam-12, Quincy,ME,Dragnet 1967, etc? They were up for half a day last week on streaming, then disappeared.


These instant watch... I don't even....


So where are the streaming releases at?


good for people 50-60myrs old


netflix has been experiencing problems for 2 days now, can't even look at queue, watch instant or anything. I am travelling and this was my only way to watch movies this week. I am really sick of this company raising prices, having tech problems that put it offline for days and we still get charged for their service; eliminating Starz movies, etc. Will be looking for another company, afer years with Netflix - I have had it.


Agree the streaming movie selection is weak at the moment. TV is looking okay to me though: Mad Men, Sons of Anarchy, Friday Night Lights, The Tudors, Archer, 30 Rock. Lots of good documentaries, history stuff, etc.


The Killing started streaming today...is it worth it to check out?


@ RetroTVFan-

Maybe they pulled them because they couldn't get enough episodes for streaming? I noticed Mangum PI is off streaming too. I added it and then was pissed off to find out that only 8 episodes of S1 were on streaming (and not even the first 8!) and Quincy ME was like that too -lots of episodes not on streaming.

I called and complained about Magnum PI in particular but put in a general complaint about that practice.

Maybe enough people complained that they pulled series where there was a low % of episodes on streaming until they could get the rights for all (or almost all) of the series.


@Pat: yes The Killing is a great show! I'm probably going to watch the season a second time now that Netflix has it. Great way to prepare myself for second season. But don't hesitate, one of my fav show of 2011.

flix fan

All this complaining but zero alternative plans, you guys sound like politicians. Can anyone out there point me in the direction of getting everything Netflix streaming offers for $8 bucks a month?


@Flix Fan: I share your opinion mate!
People have the mouth full but always want more ...


Eban...thanks. I missed the first few eps. last season and never got into it at that point. Was going to try and get through this season before the next one starts in a few weeks. Enjoy.


@Pat: no prob :) Hope you'll like it. Personally I love the fact that we didn't see the actors in 100 shows before they filmed this one. I love the Seattle atmosphere, and of course the story. Hope the second season will be as good as the first one. I'm kinda disappointed with many second seasons lately.


sweet, i like saved by the bell (though not enough to go out of my way and watch it on television) now if only they could ad boy meets world.

i want netflix to focus on more tv streaming because renting them individually can be a a pain in the you know what.


"Young Adult" just got released on the 13th, and I just got a copy in the mail Thursday. Maybe I was one of the first in line but that might be the fastest I've gotten a new release.

A Facebook User

Love Netflix streaming..I just finished the first two seasons of Vampire Diaries..I tried Hulu Plus but they only let you see a few shows and not in order..I don't think there is a better plan out there for the money..

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