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Matt Miller

Sortable lists is back in the streaming section , I love it!


I currently have a streaming-only subscription, and think it's crazy that they've removed the ability to browse the DVD selection or show that a title is available on DVD-only. Knowing that several things I want to see are available by DVD is an incentive to add back DVDs...I'm less tempted to do so when I can't even see what they have.


...Why??? I actually really like Netflix. Why on earth are they so determined to risk damaging a good thing? I want my movies "pretty" and my website interface navigable. Ok?


Making Netflix less useful seems to be the main goal of Hastings. It might be an incentive to rejoin the streaming side of Netflix if I could see what movies are there and how other users are rating them. So I have to check this website instead to see what streaming changes might be in the works and what movies are being added to streaming. So far, no temptations to get streaming again. So I'll stick with just DVDs. I've found other streaming providers but I would really like all my movie info in one place. If Netflix won't provide that it does leave the market open for somebody who will. Any entrepreneurs out there?


Well with Netflix the way it is, ive almost decided to drop them again. Ive dropped down to streaming, but still liked where i could see what new dvds were comming out. Paying 23 dollars and some change was too much for 3 dvds and streaming and then they were jumping around in my list. The point is that they have let the money go to their heads charging more and more and offering less and less service to the customer. Im waiting for the price on streaming to go up more considering that the old movies they put on there i don't want to see.


I liked to be able to see the title I was looking for whether it was dvd only or instant just because I wanted to know and also to see the reviews. There are a lot of movies that I want to see but I dont want to spend my money on something I may not like...so I used to like to read the reviews before I rented it elsewhere...I cancelled my subscription when the news of Quickster (or however its spelled) came out and came back when that never developed but after this I just might be gone again


Netflix can sod off!

We switched to streaming only last summer to work through a very long list - which is nearly donw. Now the question is wwhether to seith back to DVDs and if so when. Decied to look up some titles and see if the had them. Typed in "Without A Clue" - and it came up offering "A Cat In The HAt"

Netflix's bright idea was that
(1) we were to jsut sign up for the DVD and then we could see the list (WHAT BRAIN-DEAD MORON THINKS I"LL PAY FOR SOMETHING AND THEN SEE IF THEY HAVE WHAT I WANT!!??? MORONS)


(2) we were to swtich from the streaming only to the 7.99 DVD plan so then we could see the DVD list. And the swtich back. Problem is we have a DVD queue that would be reactivated and while we were making a list of things on DVD we might want, it would start shipping and I would be stuck with the state tax. I WILL NOT PAY THOSE IDIOTS 48 cents everytime I want to look at the DVD LISTS

Netflix is run by incompetent IDIOTS! I can go into Blockbuster - no membership - and search their lists to see what they have in instant or DVD. But not Netflix.

(And Netfliz on streaming has become the place where Grade F- movies go to die)

To hell with them.


Not being able to search for DVDs with a streaming only account is beyond frustrating! While everyone is talking about the ability to rate titles, my main issue has to do with viewing the list of DVD new releases (or just searching a specific title) and deciding whether I want to add back DVD service for a month or so. Like back in December when The Six Million Dollar Man was finally released - I can't afford to do both services each month (and honestly won't just on principle for the stupidity of not offering grandfather pricing options to longtime customers), but for special titles I'm willing to do it. Now I can't even see what's being released and specific titles require a google search, which is DAMN FRUSTRATING. COME ON! Reinstate the DVD search feature for streaming and if needed, make it an option in account preferences (along with a notice of the change). And don't get me started on all the TV titles suddenly missing from my instant queue... Not even sure they were part of the Starz deal. Hey Netflix, remember MySpace? Exactly.


I should have mentioned that the reason I dropped the streaming side of my account was because of that new interface. I have better things to do with my time than play catch-up with a carousel of images. The old interface allowed me to read titles and ratings of a whole page at a time and click on "Not interested" on the ones I would never watch. And then I never saw them again. Then with the changes even movies I'm not interested in kept showing up and it took forever to go through a list by "hovering". Hated it. But even worse, the search mechanism was broken. It would bring back a small list of movies fitting the criteria but not a COMPLETE list -- movies I knew were there for streaming did not show up - so how do you get to them? Sometimes they would show up eventually on the recommendations but usually there was just no way to get to them. I assume something was wrong with their tags or with the way the search report routine was written (most likely an outer join was needed where a regular join was used). The DVD side of the account hadn't been tampered with as much so I dropped streaming.

Peter Davenport

If you want to know if a title is available on disc simply type the name of said title in to Google followed by Netflix and if they carry it the page will pop up with a box on the right asking streaming only people to add DVDs.


I agree with so many comments here about how badly netflix has screwed things up lately to the point where Im finished with it and so are my family members.
My nephew wanted to see what was avail'on streaming and of course signed in as wanting streaming but found nothing of interest and of course still had to pay.
Point being, if I choose streaming it was nice to see what was avail' on disc and or streaming not having to subscribe to see! I used to love netflix told everyone about it now after about 7 years straight, Im done its over Ive had so many unplayable discs its seems its gotten worse to the point they want us to dump discs ...then offer better streaming selection! And stop making the site so un user friendly!


It's so strange to hear how everyone is complaining and what not. The funny part is everyone who is complaining are still netflix members. I always thought if you didn't like something DON'T PAY FOR IT!!! So why are you moaning about how you can't stand the changes netflix is making and yet your still paying for it. Who is really the dumb one here???????????


Lol @#imjustsaying ikr it is mighty funny how alot of people have negative comments but yet and still the first thing that they say when they call in is " I LOVE NETFLIX" " WAT WOULD I DO WITHOUT NETFLIX" Lol!!!! Like really stop complaining and just watch the movies...


Must Read!!!



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