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Someone's going to pick Bad Lieutenant there and they're gonna be pissed.

Mobile Phone App Development

This company clearly stole the idea from Judd Apatown and the dude's of Knocked Up! This is the exact same concept... Hm

Art Artistry

@Mobile, as that movie clearly pointed out itself, that was an idea stolen from Mr. Skin.


Mr Skin was the original guy to do this way back in the 90s


Personally I think Spankflix has a better ring to it.


I'll be in my bunk.


Back when there were things such as reference books (in the dark ages of the 1990s), there was the Bare Facts Video Guide. Bare Facts then went to CD-ROM around 2001 and then went to oblivion, as far as I know. The idea is anything but new--but if the execution helps people get to the content they want, who cares if the idea is original?


Art Aristry, Jamie: WHOOSH.


The site would be cool if the reviews didn't read like they were posted by a bunch of illiterate 12-year-olds on YouTube. It's embarrassing.


Some of the results at Bateflix are inaccurate, bringing up movies with the same titles like PBS' 1983 "Alice in Wonderland" instead of the 1976 "Alice in Wonderland: Adult Musical Comedy", which is no longer available at Netflix.


It'd be nice if they had some sort of male version. Same with Mr. Skin for that matter. :\

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