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Odd list of examples under the word "engage". I would assume they would want to support net neutrality and the privacy act while opposing caps and metering, but now that I think about it they probably oppose the privacy act because it means they can't share user info with Facebook.


Hacker group Anonymous is trying to lead a Netflix boycott on twitter. Netflix could lose 10s of subscribers tonight!


Are we sure Netflix is opposing caps - if so I'll donate.


@ Judy_ I would imagine so, caps turn an 8 dollar service into a much more unreasonable service if a) someone is being charged for going over x amount or b)someone's bandwidth is being throttled reducing speed. It either makes the service less reasonably priced, or often unusable. So yeah, I'd imagine Netflix is opposing caps.


Netflix creates pro-SOPA super-PAC

Emory LaserWolf

I cancelled my instant account. Amazon's streaming quality is better, and also I don't feel like Amazon personally hates me.

Brad Grenz

The Comcasts and Time Warners of the world have been leveraging their political connections for years to advance agendas that would strangle Netflix's business model. It makes perfect sense that Netflix should push back to ensure their customers are not strangled by anti-competitive manipulations of internet traffic or unreasonable bandwidth caps instituted by ISPs. The SOPA rumor is pure FUD. Netflix combats piracy by being far more convenient than stealing movies online and enabling instant discovery. Their agenda is clearly the advancement of open, affordable high speed internet for everyone.


People like Bob make me lose faith in the human race. It's almost like people will believe anything that is written down no matter how ridiculous or lacking in facts.

This just in, Netflix is buying the moon:

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