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If netflix goes into politics then I will be
looking for a new way to watch online, the
money spent into this could have been spent
on more movies and tv shows, which have been
lacking lately! Sick of all this weird stuff
netflix is doing and yet I am having a harder
time finding new stuff to watch!!!


It's insanely ridiculous that any group with money can wave it around Washington to get almost any result it desires, regardless of who it helps or hurts, and in spite of real issues needing to be addressed by our government. I'm absolutely pro-intellectual property rights. However, I don't like that many unrelated riders (in this case beneficial to corps like NF and social media giants intent on such things, for example, as virtual voyeurism and intrusive user tracking) will very likely be attached to important legislation. How can those who claim to support creators' rights on one hand blithely work to whittle away privacy rights with the other?

Government by and for the people? Not a chance. This is a glimpse into politics as Big Business. Ick.


Netflix has had a lobbyist for years, they just weren't waving it in your face so blatantly with a cute name like FLIXPAC.


Extortion is exactly what is happening... just called Nexflixs Customer Service to voice my concerns and tell them that I will cancel my 2 year membership with them if they continue their involvement in legislative politics...wish I would have used the word "Extortion" in describing what there political involvement. The fella that I talked to did not even know what S.O.P.A. was, and had to give him a short lesson. Call and voice concern asap!

Customer Service

NetFlix Corp. Office


The best government money can buy...
I can see the movie studios lobbying politicians but I don't understand why Netflix is involved.


LOL Why would you expect some entry level customer service person who answers the phone to know anything about S.O.P.A? That's why they have a legislative department including a PAC. That's the way representative government works. If you don't participate, guess what, you lose. Or you could move to a country where where you have no chance for any input. Did you learn nothing in civics class?


Netflix has to obey special laws made just for Movie rental companies - and they pay taxes. Seems to me they have a right to be involved in the legislative process. Fix the PAC/lobbist system - sure, I'm all for that. But you people saying you will cancel because they have a voice in politics - if the voice of one taxpaying entity can be silenced, we can all be silenced - think it through before you jump on the "corporations are evil!" bandwagon.


Climb512, you make some valid points. Corporations have more money to spread around than individuals, obviously, and they could potentially do a lot of good with their political lobbying clout. But they are, above all, self- serving and not necessarily tuned in to what is best/right for the average citizen. But I guess it's no surprise that corporate America is no more concerned with the 'everyman' than our representatives are.

And as I said, being able to attach just about anything, related or not, to a piece of legislation as a way to slip it under the door, so to speak, is unconscionable. How does that strike any person as a reasonable, ethical way to conduct legislative business? Such tactics serve to effectively silence the voice of many, many taxpayers every day.

So, my gripe isn't specifically with NF, but with the idea that special interest groups, the entertainment industry in this instance, can wield so much power. The trickle-down effects of this type of (largely unchecked) governmental influence will surely have ever more regrettable, if not devastating, repercussions as the years go by. Yep, the system needs to be changed.

Daniel L

If Netflix supports SOPA or PIPA or any similar bill then I am cancelling Netflix now and forever. Out of all the dumb things Netflix could possibly do/have done over the past few years, this is the only thing that even comes close to making me want to drop the service, but I will drop it in a heartbeat if they support this big brother BS.

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