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Adaptation and Snowflower were pretty good movies.


I always find Mike's streaming choices odd. He seems to leave out some of the biggest titles, IDK if it's because people bring them up in other threads or what. In the past week both Don't Be Afraid of the Dark & Shark Night were added (both fairly recent movies).

And c'mon Mike, "Interesting" and you don't mention Starship Troopers?! Get outa here!


I watched "Adaptation", "Drugstore Cowboy", and "The Addams Family" over the weekend, my first time seeing them in a long time. Either I adjusted the right thing on my TV, or the streaming quality has gotten better.


I just noticed "The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas" is up for streaming but I don't know how long it has been available.


At least I've heard of most of these titles. But still another bland release week.

Klass Klown

I can't decide whether to stream "Big Daddy" or watch paint dry. I think drying paint is more compelling than the acting skills of Adam Sandler.


As far as Sandler and acting goes. You should take a look at Reign Over Me.

As for the selection. Not bad....

Killer Elite comes out Today.

Take a look at: http://feedfliks.com/streaming/coming-soon

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