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Katrin Tibidor

Does Netflix track the search words that user enter in the search box?

I tried to search TV shows "M.A.S.H." numerous times (of course I know they don't have 'yet). But nowhere Netflix suggests any similar flicks whether in TV or Movies. I think this is lame.

Retro Hound

Dream job! How do I apply?


Do actual humans write the copy on the DVD sleeve? It's amazing just how consistently their summaries are inaccurate or totally miss the point. Not that it really matters, but you it looks bush league.


Do those stats get used only in the suggestion algorithm, or are they used for actually categorizing the films and shows? I ask because there are hundreds of titles (maybe thousands) that don't show up in searches using logical related keywords. Much content is virtually invisible unless you know the name/title of something that you are looking for, even if you know the genre. I watch a lot of foreign films and often have to find the titles on other sites, or through a Google keyword search, before I can find them in the NF catalog.


Not sure that being a film tagger would really be much of a dream job, but it would certainly be interesting. Because you don't get to choose what you are given to view and tag, it would remove any entertainment value from the experience. One would also have to be an objective observer. Even if you hated the film or program, you'd have to set that aside to be able to effectively rate the content based on the criteria in the questionnaire. Tagging - compiling a list of what a film is or contains - isn't the same as critiquing - opining about its quality or whether it was worth watching.

Wonder what the burn-out rate of the average tagger is...


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I'm against any form of tagging, Netflix should not hire gang-bangers to put graffiti on their DVD's.



Hey genius, the phrase "spoiler alert" generally precedes the spoiler, such that one is "alerted" to the upcoming spoiler and can avoid it. You kind of got it backwards... thanks for ruining that movie for me now.

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