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No way. After Win7's no longer viable, it's Linux + Windows virtual machine. Tired of upgrading & the constant non-interoperability.


Not a chance. It looks like crap. I'm on Linux and will stay there.


YES! Have Windows 8 test tablet and it is AWESOME!!!!


I'm pretty happy to stay on Windows 7 for a long time. Not a fan of the metro interface.


The $40 upgrade price from the Microsoft store is tempting.


i heard if u use $40 upgrade windows 8 you loose rights to your old os. also unless they grow up and return the traditional start menu it will be vista/ win 7 for ever


Nope. If anything, Windows 8 is a downgrade from Windows 7. After trying the Windows 8 release preview and dealing with numerous incompatibility issues and the awful new UI, I have no desire to actually buy it. I'm sticking with Windows 7.


I'm staying with Windows 7.

Windows 8 is designed for touch-screens, not keyboards and mice. I tried the beta version of Windows 8 for a few weeks, and did not like the UI at all.

I can't believe that Microsoft is actually trying to push Windows 8 onto desktop PC users.


I love Windows 8 and nope I don't have a touchscreen, might get one later. I plan to purchase the $40 upgrade later this month.


Windows 8 on a PC is intolerable. Getting the beta was incredibly stupid of me. But streaming via Netflix.com is fine, so I'm not sure I understand the need for an app.


So stoked! Loving 8 right now

ios development

Seriously? You are going to try and compare this environment to an iPad? Give me a break.

Now. If it fails out of the box on a plain Intel box with Windows 8 loaded, that's another thing.

If it fails out of the box on a Surface tablet, that's real bad.

Your environment is basically guaranteed not to work.

Try running iTunes on a Windows box running VMware with a MAC OS in it. Oh, wait, THAT likely doesn't work at all.


I've been using Win 8 since Aug 16. Thought this Netflix app would be cool, wrong, it doesn't work. Says it can't find an internet connection. Boo.

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