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Glad to hear that everyone is okay!


Was glad to see the Monday update otherwise I was going to be worried. We got power back Friday but still no school. And my wife drove to work for the first time this morning worried about the gas situation. All things considered though we got off very easy.

Erik Gruenwedel

Welcome back!!


Glad to hear you're OK, Mike. We only had a night of 50kt winds, lotsa rain and then no power for 23 hrs. But no damage and all is well.


As a fellow Tri-State'er and fan of the site... welcome back.

Perkins Cobb

I was in the path of the storm, too. Here's the Netflix angle: My local post office was without power from Monday thru Friday, with several discs in limbo during that time. They started to show up on Saturday and, to my amazement, there was mail delivery on Sunday. Likely the only time in my life I'll ever fish a Netflix envelope out of the mailbox on a Sunday!


Glad you're all right. I was right next to the path -- zone b -- but my PO was zone A -- still have not received last week's DVDs, leave alone this week's, though other mail is coming. Seems so petty considering the huge tragedy Sandy has wreaked on us, but is making me crazy...

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