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Most of this streaming junk has been available for a lot longer than a week. I streamed Twelve and Thinner months ago. An Officer and a Gentleman has been available to stream for quite awhile, too. Don't even bother reporting the streaming side if you can't update it. It wastes your time and ours.


The streaming items drop off and show back up.

Amazing Spider man has an unusual Friday release, not Tuesday.


A few gems on streaming, including Bottle Rocket, Barton Fink, and The Evil Dead. Nice!


Hey Malik, all three of the movies you just listed were just re added to the streaming side again on the 2nd of this month. In fact, every one of the movies listed in the article were just added as of the 1st or 2nd. So instead of bitching about how hes wrong, save yourself the embarrassment and do some research before you type. Mike does a hell of a job keeping this updated, so show some respect.


Hey, Matt. Re-adding movies doesn't make them "new" to streaming, in my opinion. Taking food off the shelf at a supermarket, storing in the back for a few weeks and restocking it doesn't make it "new." Learn some grammar, instead of kissing the webmaster's ass. (You're the one who should be embarrassed.)


I think the DVD new releases are helpful. However, the instant side really isn't that useful, anymore. By the time they list here, they've been on instantwatcher.com for awhile.


i hope they start providing a vhs alternative soon



The dvds are coming out before I can even not go see em in the theater.


Hey, Malik. Don't even bother reading a blog and then respond to it in the comments claiming that the blog wastes your time. Because it wastes your time and ours.

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