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So are you having a boy or an abortion?


Oh it's a girl. I'm so sorry. Where's the trashcan?

Peter Davenport

Jeez. Shut this site down now.


Calm down Peter, they are quotes from "The Dictator", you friggin' hall monitor asshole!

peter is a peter

peter only watches documentaries about making documentaries!


Peter's a cool dude. I like talking to everybody here (otherwise why come back with the lack of updates?), outside the few weirdo Reed Stalking anti-NF psychopaths (which might actually be the same person).

That Guy

Peter wanted the newest season of "How it's Made" so he can see how they make butt plugs for tight asses.

Peter Davenport

Just frustrated over my mother's grief from my father's passing recently CordCutter. Thanks for the kind words. Yeah, I'd like to see people converse on here more often and that way us streaming folk can provide info. back and forth. I'm puzzled over the latest Viacom pullout when there are still some Viacom shows still on like H20. My nieces drive me crazy over this one when they are here.

The Warner Archive channel is gaining steam. DVDs I used to pay up to $19.95 are showing up in droves so the titles I was going to order from them I just record them on to a DVD-R for $10 a month. Hell, the discs you buy from them anyway are burned on demand so why can't Iburn myself? Wait, that didn't come out right.


Nice to see "Jack the Giant Killer" available. Not so much for the specific movie, but to see something so recently in theaters already up for streaming.
"In Her Skin" was intense. I watched it a while back. I guess next week the update will include "End of Watch", which is now streaming too.


Wait, nevermind. To quote Jack Nicholson in "A Few Good Men", "don't I look like the ********* ***hole." That's not the same Jack and the Beanstalk movie.


Galgatron that is NOT the movie that was in theaters with Ewan McGregor, it's another ripoff straight-to-DVD movie. In other words, the same old trash Netflix keeps adding.


couple more days until Arrested Development season 4! The subscription is worth the price this month just for that.

That "Jack the Giant Killer" title almost fooled me too. I wish netflix would stop adding crap like that. I'd rather they stop paying for cheap copy flicks and instead use their money to add a few more decent movies.


'End of Watch' out there now per IW.


DG - agreed on Netflix really wasting money on things like that. Titles that are purely a scam to confuse people into thinking it's something else. In contrast, however, I quite like some older films that are "so bad they're good" and I hope Netflix keeps those around. They're bad but in a different way - some are sincere attempts at creation that went wrong, and others are just hilarious because of the passage of time. Keep the B-movies, Netflix! (not that I've heard anything about them leaving or etc)


@ michaelant,

Yeah, there are definitely some good b-movies. Some of my favorites are The Toxic Crusader and Garbage Pail Kids. Both are just so very stupid and yet so perfect! I'd bet that alot of people would agree that Snakes on a Plane is really pretty dumb, but I'm still happy to have it in my DVD collection.

So I hope I didn't come off as a film snob, I'll usually give anything a fair try. But The Asylum (makers of Jack the Giant Killer and a thousand other copy-cat films) doesn't do "so bad its good". They just suck.


Nope, no film snob vibes at all from you DG. I was just riffin'. :)

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