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That happened to me for some old B&W movie that my wife ordered. I don't read too much into it. Maybe folks stole or lost all their copies, and Netflix doesn't feel like replacing them.

John Robb

I got this notice too. It's interesting that so many people wanted the movie too.


Odd indeed -- I actually had it out recently although I believe we just sent it back.


Crazy. It's not very old, it's not B&W, it's not in a foreign language, it's not violent, it's not controversial, it's not a bad movie (just the opposite: best picture Oscar). I can't think of any reason not to rent (or watch!) this movie.


I've run into this with NetFlix a couple of times in the past. Since NetFlix is considered a rental company ala Blockbuster they are subject to the same issues with the releasing company. When the publishing company plans to release a new version (Directors Cut, Special Edition, whatever) they pull all copies out of the supply chain in anticipation of the new release.

Indeed, if you check out the following page you'll see that a Special Edition is due out this year. http://www.dvdangle.com/articles/se_list.html


I'm with you, Roger. I think they are having license issues with it, possibly related to the pending SE release. I had "Room With A View" in my queue for the longest time, under status "long wait--out of print", until the SE came out, then it was place in my "awaiting release" queue.


Netflix did this with my request for "Meet the Feebles", supposedly a very disgusting movie by Peter ("LOTR") Jackson. It was probably a licensing issue, though at the time we wondered if PJ were just so embarrassed by his past, he stole all of Netflix's copies!

in the know

no joke, my friend has the netflix copy of "chariots of fire", they are returning it today, they also cancelled their netflix membership.

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