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I tried it as I was noticing the waits on more movies now. I was offered the free month 3-out or $10 off the 5-out plan. I took the 5-out discount. They also ask you why you were leaving and have checkboxs and a comment field. I filled them all out, maybe they will make it better soon.

Was the $10 off for the 5-out plan just a one-time $5 off, or was it a discount for the next few months?

It was a 1-time $10 off. It says next month it will be $17.49 and then go back to 27.49. I like the 5-out plan, my family can get about 8-10 discs a week depending on mail days so that gives everyone a good selection each week. I just noticed the waits have gotton more pronounced the last month or so.


I clicked the link, but I don't actually see a way to get the free month. I get a list of other membership types and a list of reasons for cancelling.


It could have someone to do with the refund I got through customer service a few days back (which hasn't shown up yet). My free month may have been applied to my current month. It doesn't make sense for BB to show me the link and language for the free month, but then again, BB doesn't exactly have a well put together site.


That would kinda suck for me, a free month is good and all, but I feel I am owed something for my current month where I have had the worst service ever. With the problems I had it wasn't even a case of poor availability.

Just cancel then if its so bad. I can't see why asomeone wants to stay with a company if they don't like them. If BB sux for you go to NF or WM. If you don't like any of them, then just pick the lessor evil and LIVE WITH IT! You posted 3 times belly-aching about not finding a free month after you've already got one. Geezzzz!!!


Hum, didn't see this page at all when I tried to cancel. Maybe it also depends on the # of discs you have? I am getting ~18 discs/month so I guess they don't want to offer me something free ;-P


Hello anonymous sir, you are a f*****g fool. If you don't understand what I am saying, don't comment unless you are asking for more details from me to help you understand the situation. I could cancel, or I could work through it, explain the situation to them and hope service improves. I can then come here and vent a little while explaining my experience.

I've said that BB is doing quite a bit to acknowledge the problems with its service and giving out benefits to its members. In the end I'm not really losing anything, even if I don't get the same advantage as some others, because my month was free. I still have had to deal with not having any movies to watch and with explaining the problems to customer service.

If everyone is elegible for a free month because availability sucks, and it does suck for me, I would like some reparations too. The free month I am getting now is well deserved. I posted a couple times about my experience with BB this month. I even have an update.

After 20 something days I've only gotten 1 watchable DVD. Well, make that 2, but Malcom X was listed as a 1 disc set with a bonus disc. I only rented the main disc and it turns out that it is only half the movie. This is just an inconvenience, but one that shouldn't have happened. Also, I rented Carnivale disc 2. It came and was broken, I smashed the disc to make sure the envelope stuffers notice it. Today I receive the replacement disc, it is also broken. It isn't the same disc, but it is broken and worthless to me.

I'm wondering if the free month isn't available to me because I tried to cancel last month and got the $13.99/month deal.


I talked to another person that had previously gotten the 13.99/month deal and they didn't see the option for the free month either. The language and link were both there.


You whined 3 times that you could not see the link for a free month. Oh Boo Hoo!! Crybaby. You already got a refund. I don't think anyone CARES what you are trying to say. Pick a service! and quit crying about it! I also find it hard to believe that YOU get so many broken discs. You also say you have quit reporting them and just break them up!? Yeah, that really helps everyone out, (lets not report the problem, lets just muddle on thru).

Now call me another dirty word so it will make you feel like a big man and then get on with your life!

"I smashed the disc to make sure the envelope stuffers notice it."

What are the chances that they wont notice it and will just pass it on to the next renter.


**** ****! I feel bigger when criticising you with facts. Each has its place, though,...you third-rate troll...

Only the third post even approaches "whining" and not when taken into the context of the first two. I was trying to verify the claim of a free month for myself. I pointed out that the language on blockbuster's site doesn't always reflect what you get. "That would kinda suck for me," Is that when you imagined a big tear streaking down my face?

It has nothing to do with picking a service and getting over it. I'm giving BB a chance. They are doing what they can to make up for their poor service and I am giving them credit for it. If they can get 12 discs to me in a month for $15 I will be satisfied. They did this the first month, and totally bombed the second month. I'm not calling you up and crying, if anyone cares about personal experiences with a rental service it is the people reading this site.

You don't follow anything I've said, I've never had a problem with broken discs before this month. Two broken discs in a month isn't a huge problem, but it is one of many problems I've had this month. I'm not even going to reread my comments. Just show me the line where I said I wasn't reporting the broken discs? Of course I report them, I've worked with customer service when I've had problems they needed to be aware of. And if I report the disc as broken I get a replacement sent right away. It is the least I could do to report the DVD and serve my selfish interest in getting a playable DVD.

I broke it to make sure it gets taken out of circulation. It could be possible that they might miss that it was flagged as bad and maybe they don't see the crack. The disc is in 3 pieces now. Who knows, maybe BB will send out a piece to 3 different subscribers.

Anyway, enough with my indulgent post.

I wonder how long the offer will run. I have the option of moving back to the standard 14.99 rate next month. I don't know whether an cancellation offer will still be available to me as I've already taken advantage of one. Again, I don't care all that much about the free month, but I wanted to see if I could get it if everyone else is. ....not that it is even 100% fair that something like this is being posted on a blog where people who normally wouldn't even consider cancelling can read it and take advantage.


Since there are bias and ethics questions in the other thread attacking Mike K, I wonder how people feel about things like cancellation offers and promotional codes being made public on blogs. I wonder how Netflix/BB/etc. feels, I'd think that for the most part they would like to control how promotional codes are spread.


I also got the free offer a few days ago, didn't think it was newsworthy tho ;)

Anyway, here's what I posted on my blog for some friends...

Well, I've had Netflix since forever (391 DVDs since 2001). Yes, sometimes they throttle. But I haven't had much problem with that because I don't have my queue full of all new releases. To make a long story very short, they kick BB's ass. I have tried BB for a little over two weeks now. The only advantage I see in BB is the ability to get 2 games or DVDs a month at the local store.

Selection: Netflix just has more movies, period. I really want to see the DVD "Star Wars: Clone Wars" from the Cartoon Network. BB has no mention of it, NF has had it in my saved queue since I first heard about it.

Availability: BB is crap. Of course, it is very possible that they are throttling me. Here's my current queue - note this is Apr 2005... I have added at the end of every line the year the movie is from

Movie Title Rating Availability
Bamboozled [WS] R Long Wait 2000
Shaolin Soccer PG13 Short Wait 2001
Eurotrip [WS] [Unrated] NR Short Wait 2004
Astronaut's Wife R Short Wait 1999
Torque [WS] PG13 Short Wait 2004
Honey [WS] PG13 Short Wait 2004
Tommyknockers NR Long Wait 1993
Fish Called Wanda R Short Wait 1988
Booty Call R Long Wait 1997
White Chicks [WS] PG13 Short Wait 2004
Club Dread [WS] NR Short Wait 2004

I have no idea how "The Bootiest Edition" of Booty Call from 1997 can be a 'Long Wait' along with an old Stephen King miniseries. As a guy I used to work with liked to say, "I call bullsh**!"

I clicked the link and see on where to actually check to get the the free month. Just a list of other membership types and a list of reasons for cancelling.

Anyway I checked at bottom not to cancel and waited a day for a confer email that I got next month FREE. When it did not get a email I went back and canceled BB.

I told them that I live in VA nad all the DVDs are shipped from PA. This log shipping time I only received on average 12 DVDs per month for the past 3 months. Also told them that I get on average 25 DVds a month for Netflix for just $3 more.

The free month offer was a small link near the top of the page. NOT a radio button if that's what people are looking for. Once you follow that link, you would then get a radio button choice for a free month.

Also, my waits seem to have decreased. Now almost all my movies are available, probably only 15% have a wait.

dude, it worked. after you click 'cancel' they give you three options to change your account. check off the option for "3/month - 1 month free" and go to the bottom and hit 'downgrade my acct.' then you'll see that the next billing date is a month later than previously...


The best way to cheat the system is to use the promo code 95651B. It starts out as a free two week trial and then when you attempt to cancel , it offers you three more months. Definitely the best deal.

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