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Nice. Not even a big building eh? Well at least not a tall one. Most headquarters are usually in big tall buildings I would think. Maybe California is just different.

Formerly, this building was the home of Metricom, the folks who brought us the Ricochet wireless WAN.

I remember driving to the loading dock in the back of this building to pick up my first ricochet "modem".

Also, as noted at http://www.hackingnetflix.com/netflix/2004/04/netflix_expands.html , this isn't going to be the Netflix HQ for too much longer.

For those wondering, no, the trucks don't come here with the heaps of red envelopes.


I was wondering why my cameraphone photo suddenly got so many hits! I think it's wonderful they're staying Los Gatos and I hope the expansion goes along without a hitch.

Also, re: the comment above about Metricom -- I did the same thing! I got really good service for the year or so that I had it, before they went belly-up.

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