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Maarten Delanghe

I saw a HUGE poster for this at the BB in our neighborhood yesterday ..

Reading this now though I do remember that before we got Netflix we had a 'DVD Pass" at BB which offered us unlimited rentals ( 3 out at a time ) for $24.99 ( not sure anymore) .. this was in fall / winter 2002 ..


I think this new offer at blockbuster is wonderful.. best of both worlds.. a good offer and a reliable place for it. I hated netflix.. major rip-off.. have to depend on U.S postal services for proper enjoyment of offer. I would get the movies in almost a week due to slow mail and it wasn't worth my time in the end for what I payed a month.. not to mention I cancelled.. . and they charged me for an extra month. Blockbuster on the other hand, you pick up your movies and get two more right away and may do it unlimited for a month with more control.. Would reccommend it to anyone!!


All of you make good points. However, I use netflix for the season sets, not just normal dvd's. With this blockbuster thing, I'll have the best of both worlds.


Well alot of Blockbusters movies are out of stock. Think about that too. ;)


The advantages/disadvantages:

Blockbuster - Out of stock problems. Many older movies aren't avail on DVD. The bright side is that you get them immediately and don't have to deal with shipping problems. Overall it's good if you just want newer releases but bad for oldies. Higher Price, less DVD's.

NetFlix - Shipping delays, lost movies, lack of customer support. The birght side is that you can get almost any movie on DVD, even full collections. Although they only ship collections one disc at a time which can take forever. Overall it's good for a movie collector. Lower price, more DVD's.

Once I've gotten all the old movies that I want from netflix, I'll cancel. Then I'll go over to blockbuster to keep up with new releases.

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