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The day that "We were Soldiers" was released, I had it at the top of my queue. It was pulled, changed to "shipping today" and then several hours later was replaced by another title. "WWS" stayed at the top of my queue for the next 4 months.

I added "Lady Snowblood" to my queue yesterday. It was "Very Long Wait." It is being shipped today. The sequel is now at the top of my queue with a "VLW". Will that one ship in days or months?

These things make no sense.

Anyone else having problems with a title being logged as received, a new title being pulled from queue and then immediately being listed as "shipping tomorrow?" This has been happening to me at least once a week for the last several weeks, especially on Fridays and always well before noon.


Yes, in the past, I've had several "shipping tomorrow" or "Shipping Thursday", whatever day was two business days away. I believe it's because the title I requested would have to come from the next-nearest DC, which in my case, would be Atlanta. Now that we have Louisville, I expect it to happen less often.


I can say, as an investor, that Netflix management specifically referred to a "new release" problem about 1 month ago and said that purchasing more DVD's was going to be a top priority going forward. It is 1 of two major reasons for the price increase (the other being an overall increase in number of discs viewed per month).


I haven't had too many problems or experienced too many oddities, but then again I have so many dvds in my queue (349) that I can just move some around, but few of them are new releases anyhow. I do have 14 items in the 'awaiting release' section with unknown release dates, but it would be nice if netflix could get their hands on some out of print classics like double indemnity, the unbearable lightness of being, and chariots of fire. I'm also in New England, where Netflix acts with particular expedience, so I hope it remains that way when I move back to San Francisco this year.

n.b. every dvd in my queue is 'available now'. nice work netflix. i've been a very happy customer since October, 2000.


I get good service from the Houston center, but I've had several movies dropped for being no longer available, recently Smokey and the Bandits of all things. Also I don't change the order of my queue too often as it's such a pain, so by the time a long wait shows up it's available.

Hunter McDaniel

Why is "waiting three months for an award-winning movie" inexcusable? Sure, Netflix could buy a million copies of LIT so everyone could see it right after the Oscars, but the next month they would have all those copies sitting on the shelf. Spreading the surge of interest in new releases out over 6-12 months is the only way they can make the business work.

Mike K

In any case it was worth the wait. Good flick.

Lets see, hmm.... Lost in Translation - Yes it was a very good movie I have actually received it TWICE since it has been released WITH NO PROBLEMS!!!!


I'm not sure if they are being totally honest about how their waiting system works. Suppose a person is going to be upset whether they have to wait 3 weeks or 3 months for a title. It would be in Netflix's best interest to get the movies to people who just put it in their queue, rather than those who had been waiting. Instead of two unhappy customers, this makes one happy, and one not. I know this is an odd theory to propose, but I've heard of other businesses taking this approach. They have to please as many customers as possible, while displeasing a few. There is no proof of this, but think of all the popular movies they have gotten to you fast.

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