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Tom T

Funny, in Arlington, VA we had one come in, and it started as $1 or $1.50 a night, then jumped to around $4 (maybe not quite) for a 3-4 night rental, with no more option to rent for only one night for cheaper. Crappy bait and switch.


"The biggest problem I see with renting a movie from McDonald's is the risk of being seduced by the smell of [supersized portions of unhealthy food]." (linked to "Super Size Me")

Perhaps that's the plan from the beginning. There's a McDonald's billboard in Dallas featuring three young, healthy, trendy types quaffing fries. The one in the middle is holding her fries in front of her in a pose that is almost identical to the cover art of "Super Size Me", except that they make "about to ingest a gallon of fat" look downright sexy.

Troubling. To get the image out of my mind, I had to stop at 7-11 for a couple of hot dogs, a Mountain Dew, and some Doritos.

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