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The only accurate way to compare cost is the number of movies per month per dollar. This takes into account the time it takes to get movies and the individuals viewing habits. I watch about 3 per week on the 3 out plan that equals about $1.80 per movie.


Hello Mike,

I happened across you site was I was looking for some corporate data on Netflix. Nice work, a lot of good info.

I don't know if you have heard of Gold Entertainment (GEGP) yet.

They are using the Netflix distribution model but the network marketing sales approach. The fees are just $20 a month.

I got involved with Gold Entertainment because I love the Netflix concept but I think it will lose out to a company who will pay you to refer people.

Here are two of my sites relating to Gold Entertainment:



I am curious what you think of this concept and how you think it will affect Netflix.



This model does not reflect Netflix's price increase that began this month.


It sounds like an MLM to me.


Well the best deal would be blockbuster video (BV). If you had not life on the 2 out plan you could watch tons of movies a month.

July 1st at 10 am rent 2 and sign up for the pass, watch those 2 and go back to BV and pick t more movies. do the same a few hours later.

That would be 6 movies in 1 day. Do this every day for the month of July and get 186 movies. at 24.99 a month that is just just 13 cents a movie.

Of course their selection needs to be better to even be able to rent 186 moves a month.

Never believe statistics they can be skewed to work for whomever is paying for it. Such as the Dallas one was probably paid for by Netflix.


Netflix is truely an innovator....changing the way people think and behave. Gold Entertainment has taken a great idea and merged it with good old fashioned word of mouth netrworking. I will make about $ 1,000 this month because the people I talk to about movies would rather get paid for renting movies rather than spend money. Gold Ent. is not anyhting like an Amway/Quixtar or other MLM's. If you want to learn more write me [email protected] or sign up on my website www.mygoldentertainment.com/btyzermans


Gold entertainment is truly one of the best business opportunities I have been envolved with. This is ground floor opportunity to make thousands weekly with very little effort. This was a no brainer for me to get involved. It is still in the pre-launch status. Don't wait get involved NOW. For more info visit www.mygoldentertainment/wheelers


There was an error on the above web site. The correct website is: www.mygoldentertainment.com/wheelers. check it out.


I think the Gold entertainment plan is better too. Why not pay individuals for spreading the news about the business? See the great comp plan at www.mymoviebiz.net/dvddepot .


I am a major movie buff, and have been with Netflix for months..as a matter of fact I have stock in the company, I have ABSOLULTY nothing negative to say about them...they are do everything they should or say they will...however...GOLD ENTERTAINMENT and the compensation is incredible...check it out yourself! I have done network marketing before and made 8,000 a month...and gaurenteed this is so so easy :) Single mother too :)


OH I forgot...PLEASE TRUST ME, CHECK OUT AT LEAST how easy it is!!! :) http://www.mymoviebiztour.com/tamera


GameZnFlix definitely getting better. A good deal from my perspective.


GameZnFlix.com has an annual plan of $222 for 14 months. You can have 6 dvds or games out at a time. No better deal out there. It takes 2 days ship to my home. Can't complain at all. Very convenient service and approx 28,000 titles. Try it.

GOLD ENTERTAINMENT is the best. As soon as I bought the back office, I have 4 people signed on in two days.



Well Guess What Netflix fans....Spend all your money on netflix and get nothing in return!

LOOK AT OUR NEW SITE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Need I say more

Change your habits, change your life....Gold Entertainment is here to stay and they will pay
you to watch movies


Correction for url


Third time has to be a charm


Susie Guimbellot

Gold Entertainment IS the way to go. They have the same concept as Netflix but BETTER. Take a look at what they have to offer. There's no other compensation plan that compares to Gold Entertainment. It's all about team work!You can take a free tour of this business opportunity @ www.mymoviebiz.net/sguimbellot

Does anyone know who the people are at Gold Entertainment? Can they be trusted? Wondering why the last post was over a month ago..


It looks like Gold Entertainment and MyMovieBiz is a scam. Check out the following link:


Somebody did a ton of research!

john franklin

we have to do the registration agaib. i don't you mailing dvd rentals to safeway store, incorporated where i work. i want the dvd to be mail to me: john franklin, 605 s sequim, wa 98382-3864.

john franklin

we have to do the registration agaib. i don't you mailing dvd rentals to safeway store, incorporated where i work. i want the dvd to be mail to me: john franklin, 605 s sequim, wa 98382-3864.

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