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Hey Mike,
I think it's great that you got to talk to Netflix, even if it was informal. They're in a delicate position in the market right now, so I feel for them. They've created a monster in their business model. How do they maintain an exciting, individual relationship with 2 million people, while protecting their trade secrets?

Joseph Le

I don't know what this site is, but I just got charged over $80 for returning my last three DVDs. They said I bought it. I don't even have it--ask the post office for the money.


I contacted Netflix in Sept. '04 and gave them some insight into what i was planning and wanted to do with NetflixBuddy.com. Within 2 Months they launched their friends program.

Last week I finally gave up on my contact at Netflix taking my calls or returning them for that matter, and turned on NetflixBuddy.com without their involvement.


Hi, I'm a business reporter at the Charleston Gazette in Charleston, WV. I'm working on a story about renting DVDs/videos in person vs. online.

I'm looking for West Virginians who rent movies online from Netflix, Blockbuster and/or Wal-Mart and don't mind talking to me about why they use the companies they do. Feel free to post this e-mail on other Web sites, blogs, chatrooms, etc.

Jennifer Ginsberg
[email protected]

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