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I would hate to think think there is any sort of censorhship on these lists. It really doesn't matter what you think of the movie, it's not an "Editor's Picks" list. There are plenty of things on this list I would never watch, but that's not the point.
If it is/will be available from Netflix, it should be on the list.


I do have to make some choices since it takes a lot of time to create this list. I tend to ignore children's movies, workout videos, and anime, unless they have a possible mainstream audience. I do my best to include as many as I can find. Should I be listing EVERY new movie? Hmm... Maybe listing the top 35 here and the rest I can find in another RSS feed? What does everyone think?

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Now that I look at the list more closely, I agree it probably takes more time to compile and code than I first thought. Maybe you can get an RSS feed of the titles or scrape it from somewhere (Netflix themselves?) and then just add the links. Would that be faster?


I love the weekly releases, and that you have them on Mondays. I can see a movie and hit NetFlix and get it in my queue before it's even officially released!

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