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I whole-heartedly agree. Netflix will eventually die or be acquired if they do not do soemthing like this.

Smurfy the Tard

Didn't I read on some site that the folks who founded Netflix also have political ambitions, and therefore are refusing to steer towards porn in order to preserve their chances in the political arena? i think i read that somewhere.

Smurfy the Tard

Here is a suggestion NF should actually use. Instead of putting one DVD per red envelope, put in TWO. That way I can watch twice as many movies without increasing postage fees for netflix.


Actually, in the early days of Netflix, they did have several softer-core porn titles in their library. None of the hardcore stuff, but you could get Playboy, Penthouse, etc... videos. I think it was late 2001 that they stopped offering these selections.


I agree with all the previous comments.. My brother pointed this out to me the other day. http://www.sugardvd.com/home/dvdrentals looks like it could be run by the same people as netflix.....


It's funny, but I hate porn on DVD.

The analog fast forward on VHS is much better for getting to the good parts.

Carl Cravens

They mention losing customers over moral objections, but did it occur to anybody that maybe the folks who run Netflix have moral objections of their own toward porn? I resent the Fool's implication that a smart businessman has no objections to selling pornography, or that success in business must come at the cost of doing something morally objectionable.


I agree with Carl. The assumption being made here is that porn is morally neutral. I'm glad Netflix eschews porn. I would quit them if they didn't.

By the way, Reed Hastings is on the California State Board of Education.


Reed is the president of the Cal. BOE. I highly suspect he would need to resign that position.

David Leslie

While Porn might be one way to go a better way would be video game rentals.

Granted, GameFly has already entered this area with a 2 for $22 a month deal but Netflix could bring both its fast turn around time and couple that with the fact that it takes most gamers over a month to beat two titles. Also factor in that the average gamefly subscriber is over 30 years old. A fact that shocked the gamefly folks given they thought it would mostly be college kids using the service.

anonymous coward

Porn would probably require actual work. They'd have to make sure not to show it to folks if they opt out or unless they opt in or something like that. They probably simply have better things to do, and there isn't enough money in it to justify the work.

Video games probably don't make much sense either. People like to watch old movies. People don't like to play old games, for the most part. I don't know about anyone else, but I also tend to play a game a lot longer than I keep a movie.

me too

And you would need to sanitize the discs between rentals too. Icky.

And you would need to sanitize the discs between rentals too. Icky.


If Blockbuster did not die for not having porn, then Netflix won't either. Granted adults should be the only one making DVD choices, but it would be nothing for a young adult or child to get slick, and rent some DVD's they have no business seeing. Put some porn on the list, and that's exactly what would happen. I don't blame netflix for not taking that risk. There are adult netflix like sites out there.

Adult DVD Rental

Actually it looks like NetFlix Did plan to do adult at one time, check the whois info on www.netfliXXX.com no joke...registered to NetFlix.

There are many online XXX dvd rental stores including http://www.movixo.com/ urentdvd wanted list, there are around 10-15 players, maybe 3-4 main players...no one as big as netflix yet.


I'm sure Netflix just registered a bunch of similar domain names to prevent others from taking advantage of their name. Registering netflixxx.com showed some pretty creative forward thinking in my opinion.

rent adult dvd

there are services out there that dedicate themselves to hardcore porn, one adult dvd rentals service is http://www.mynaughtyrentals.com/splash.php this place offers some of the latest hardcore porn, and some beautiful cover shots, this seems to be the up and coming contender in the adult netflix sector.

Slim Jimmy

Yahoo tried to launch an adult site. They shut it down on day one due to the uproar. Corporate Netflix would be lame at doing porn. They know nothing about it. Porn should be left to the professionals. Look for these guys to lead the field in a Netflix style adult service: www.pornonastick.com The best site I have seen yet.

Cara Lott

I am glad somebody started doing it if Netflix isn't going too. I checked out everybody's advice in this discussion and signed up with Porn on a Stick. http://www.pornonastick.com/ What a beautiful website. I guess they have a bunch of female members. I for one am glad I never have to send my boyfriend to that video store again.


if it was my company without a doubt....put it in a different section if people dont want it, they dont have to even think about it. But by offering porn it would bring a whole new market in.

Buck Minster

I have been a Porn on a Stick member for a few months now. I absolutely love it. Their service is unparalleled. Their site is slick and the selection is the best I've seen in the business -- only the very best titles. Couldn't be any happier. I whole-heartedly recommend it.


These guys KNOW porn.

seems to be some spamming going on with the last few comments. actually the "pornostick" seems to have a really bad reputation. Looks like a ripoff/phishing scam site.

If you are curious about such things i suggest looking over at adultdvdtalk.com, which has many reviews of several xxx rated vendors, including rental by mail. The most well known and respected vendor, adultdvdempire.com (which also has a non xrated site dvdempire.com) has a huge selection. For turnaround times the top rated is bushdvd.com.

I would not recommend the spammer above's site, which seems to be a shady business (goodness knows what they would do with your private data!). they seem to specialize in bursts of spam on several fourms/blogs trather than actual rentals. They are not legit.

Jim Thompson

I am new with pornonastick and I am very happy. I can easily find what I am looking for. It has a great search function.

Looks like the poster above must be a little unhappy and is bashing a site because it is not his.

Jim Thompson

be very careful with mynaughtyrentals.com. scam site.


lol you fucking uninformed idiot. My Naughty Rentals has thousands of customers, that are very happy with the service, and selection. As they say in Brooklyn...
...your ass is a scam site.

Have a nice day -R

Mynaughtyrentals is a rip off as is pornonastick. if you want to know which adult rental sites are NOT ripoffs visit "adultdvdtalk . com" this is the authoratiative site which rates various LEGITIMATE adult rental services such as bushdvd, adultdvdempire (the adult arm of dvdempire), the second largest dvd online seller in the country, etc.

adultdvdtalk has many active forums and will help you find a service.

If you value your privacy and your wallet stick with a reputable adult rental. please note i am the only one here not recommeding one company only as the various SPAMMERS for SCAM sites above have done.

just go to adultdvdtalk and visit the forums, check out various reviews of legit rental sites.


check this idiot out..

"Found posts containing all of the words mynaughtyrentals, naughty, rentals and posted after 8/10/2003 4:12:01 PM.

No Matches Found."

this means that none no way no how is any of this site mentioned in the forums, nor in the reviews in the last 2 years.

Now if you further do your research on said site, the ads for adult dvd empire are rampant no matter where you look.

keep talking about scams.

have a nice day.


porn is hear to stay weather some of these good toshoes christians like it or not. Why can't Netflix rent porn it's not a public store.

And the internet has become a major big thing of having a lot of adult entertainment. They can just create a seperate website call AdultNetflix.com were you only rent hardcore xxx rated porn. Freefom of speech.

Netflix needs porn to get make more money.


porn is hear to stay weather some of these good toshoes christians like it or not. Why can't Netflix rent porn it's not a public store.

And the internet has become a major big thing of having a lot of adult entertainment. They can just create a seperate website call AdultNetflix.com were you only rent hardcore xxx rated porn. Freefom of speech.

Netflix needs porn to get make more money.


I agree, porn isn't that big of a deal anymore ourdays. Everybody has sex and (almost) everybody watches it at a time. It doesn't matter if Netflix does it to conquer Blockbuster, as long as they don't make such big of a deal out of it. I use Blockbuster currently, but I would immediately switch to Netflix if they had a porn section.


Netflix is a family site and would alienate many of its customers by offering porn. Imagine little Timmy's face when his family and him search NF for a movie and find hardcore cream pies. They even use families in all of the promotional materials.

So, I use Netflix for mainstream DVDs and DELIVERMALE.COM for adult DVD rentals. Using a niche company that specializes is better than a large one that may not know the nitty gritty of what kinds of porn people want to rent.

Matthew Podboy

If they want adult content they need to buy www.wantedlist.com - as Wired calls it, "the netflix of porn." http://www.wired.com/wired/archive/13.11/porn.html

Courtney Gidts

I've managed to save up roughly $62607 in my bank account, but I'm not sure if I should buy a house or not. Do you think the market is stable or do you think that home prices will decrease by a lot?




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