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warren solomon

This may or may not be of importance to you. My friend Jay A. is an American Express web master for there IROC South American Gold Program. Today is 19-28-04 and after speeking with your employee Meril, I thought that I might ask him what he thought about someone hacking your site and the possiblity of your custom Buffy of Bangor infecting your site and mine as well. My resoning being that Jay as wsll I believed because of our joint relationship with NETFLIX. That being her reviews and my problems began when I interacted on those pages where we both apear together on any particular review. FYI The first time that I had any idea that this was a problem was when I noticed where ever Buffy of Bangor reviwed the ratio of plus to minus reviewers. Thats 1,000 to 1. That relates to appx. 1,000,000,000 to 1. That is "T" as in Trilion. I began to have problems whem I first encountered Buffy of Bangor. Now to my surprise after jay does what he does, Guess who Buffy of Banger works for....Blockbuster... and over 200 spyware infections trace back to Bangor Maine. I think if I give you her name I might be libale if what Jay and I believe is incorect, but as Jay says I would bet my job on it..and thats good enough for me...the rest is up to you.. Your friend Warren Solomon



Um, what?


I've learned to keep only about 1 to 2 months worth of titles in my queue. I once had close to 200, and when I tried to change the order I made a terrible mess of the queue and had to start over. I like the suggestion the person put about keeping a movie you know you will never watch in the queue at the bottom of the list. I may consider that.


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