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I think there's still hope locally. But it makes increasingly less sense for somebody on the East Coast to wait for shipping times to and from GreenCine's lone San Francisco distribution center.


As long as Netflix continues to expand their selection and keep up their customer service, I don't see anyone beating them. And unless smaller companies have something unique to offer in the way of special services or selection, then they don't have a prayer.


Something that vendors like Greencine and Nicheflix can do that Netflix will never do, is rent out of print DVDs. Netflix is bound by their agreements with the studios not to distribute them once they achieve "out of print" status, but Greencine and Nicheflix have no such obligation. As long as they have enough copies on hand, they can offer them for rent.


Cleanfilms' policy is that they won't try to clean up films which, like Kill Bill, would have nothing left afterwards.


There has been a lot of talk on the subject of Netflix vs. Blockbuster. I'd like to share some points from a marketing/brand specialist point of view.

Netflix recently lowered prices because amazon was rumored to enter the dvd rental market. Netflix is smart, they lowered prices before blockbuster could get a foothold. I don't see amazon being a huge player in the dvd rental market. Okay, wait I take that back, they would be huge, but would they dominate the market?
I don't belive so. Amazon has their hands in way to many pots. Did you know they only own 8% of the online book business. Savvy Marketers know that dominant businesses own their respective markets. Gerber, Wrigley's, Intel.
These companies dominate their markets with 50-90% market shares.

I understand why people believe this new competition is bad for Netflix. They just don't understand marketing. With all of the competition, the overall industry has grown faster, and this benefits netflix more than it hurts netflix. They may be losing market share, a couple percent, but the overall market is growing stronger and faster.

Netflix has a pure brand name meaning their name is strongly tied to dvd rentals. Amazon means a lot of things. Blockbuster means brick and mortar video rentals, and it will be hard for people to think of them as an online company as well. If blockbuster aquires customers, I bet half of them are being taken away from their core customers anyway, cannabalizing themselves.

Why is blockbuster even in online dvd rentals? Their core business that made them famous, is being knifed by movie gallery and hollywood video. Profits are shrinking quickly, and managements energy and resources focused on the online business will only hurt their core business. The rule in marketing is to first protect what has made you into a strong company. Blockbuster is failing at this.

I read somewhere that netflix reads hacking netflix for information and tips, and I really hope they read this. I'll predict a couple of things for them.

Amazon will not enter the online dvd rental market,
If they do, netflix should be very happy. Yes, I said happy.
Online Movie downloads that netflix are planning will not work out like they think. Another company if this area develops will dominate that business. Netflix means dvd rentals through the mail. Their brand name is strong, so it would be hard to make it stand for something else.
More niche companies will develop and compete against netflix.
Reed hastings is wrong when he states, traditonal video stores will soon be a thing of the past. That will never happen. Some people like chocolate, some people like vanilla. You will always have people that want to get out of their house and go rent a movie on impulse.
Remember, movie gallery and hollywood video are 10-12 times the size of netflix.

Thank you for reading.


CleanFilms has Kill Bill Vol. 1. I just watched it, and it was very entertaining, and clean, although CleanFilms, contrary to some opinions, keeps most violence -- deleting just the extreme or gratuitous violence. All profanity is deleted, and so is all nudity and explicit sexual images/conversations. The story is not changed at all.


All those who worry about wether or not cleanfilms.com will survive I would not waste my time. I think they have a very stable and productive company that will be around for many years. They offer a product that no other company can match. They also have a great customer service group that is always willing to help and solve any problems that may arise. So if you are still curious as to what will happen to cleanfilms.com you are wasting your time.

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