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In my opinion that's another good reason not to sign up with Blockbuster!


Curiously, you get an eCoupon rather then they sending it to you (which they'll know your address when you sign up). No doubt banking on a high percentage of non-redemptions. I wonder if you need a Blockbuster store membership to then redeem the coupon.


Do you get a free trial membership with the free Shrek DVD, or is it only good for new paying members?

Robert P.

Hi, I signed up for Blockbuster's online service the other day (Oct. 26) on another poster's recommendation. It is really great, at least where I live (the Berkeley, CA area). My DVDs arrived next day and I got my two in-store movie/game tickets right when I signed up. I got the Shrek 2 coupon a few days later. I think it makes sense for Blockbuster giving out a coupon rather than shipping the DVD because 1) It would cost them more and it would take longer for the customer to get the great movie =( and 2) It gets people in the store, potentially leading to additional business.

Plus, I have four room-mates that love video games, and they've agreed to purchase my in-store coupons for $3.99 each every month so they can rent video games (I have to do the actual check-out though because they're non-transferable - they have your name on them). Thus, the real cost of the Blockbuster subscription for me, at the same service level Netflix provides (I have a friend who told me her Netflix DVDs never arrive next day – which is odd since we’re in the Bay Area – and she’s switching to Blockbuster now), is only $9.51/month! I love my Blockbuster subscription and am grateful to the poster that recommended it to me. In just a few days I’d say I’ve gotten $11.97 amount of utility from my subscription for a net cost of $9.51 (or less than 0 if you include the Shrek 2 DVD) – Blockbuster couldn’t be cooler!


Robert P,

I'm curious...do you work for Blockbuster?


Netflix - is great. They deserve all the biz, based on the brilliant idea and its origin. Blockbuster and amazon are now following suit - I will not sign with either... too bad netflix didn't patent the process for this with all these copycats.


I signed up and didn't get the shrek 2 dvd coupon. Their customer service said that was another promotion and they won't honor the deal. I am cancelling



Maybe Netflix came up with the original idea and most probably earned good profits on it. But I'm actually glad that they are getting new competitors now. We, consumers, only benefit from it. Look, Netflix already had to lower their price to $17.99. And Blockbuster is offering a free DVD. Unless of course you are such loyal customer to refuse from getting free stuff or discounts.


I canceled NetFlix & signed up for blockbuster online, and couldn't wait for my free Shrek 2 DVD. Well, the DVD's took 3 days to arrive instaed of 1 like NetFlix, and I still can't find a participating location to accept my eCoupon! "It's a corpoate deal" 4 of my 'local' blockbusters aren't participating, and the hold time so far had been 40 min for phone call ins, and 2 days and no response on my eMail. I haven't even tried my 2 free rentals via eCoupon I wonder if my locak stores accept those. I think I'm going back to NetFlix...


Blockbuster is clearly just ripping off Netflix's idea. You people are either working for Blockbuster or you're idiots. They will just wait till Netflix is out of business and then raise prices. JUST LIKE THEY DO WITH THERE STORES. So enjoy the death of a great idea


I don't know if you noticed, but on the site, the price you get with blockbuster stayed for a whole year, so netflix going out of business doesn't really matter on my price and if they raise the price, they won't raise it to higher than the original netflix price was.

If Netflix wants to stay ahead they will have to drop their prices down to either the same price, or a bit lower, 12.99. I much rather sign up for Blockbuster, since I get 2 free in-store games/movies as well, which is could end up being a 10 dollar value if you get both games.

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