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John Doe

uhh.. so did the guy go back another day to see if the card works?

well just to share, at hollywood video, if a gift card fails in the pos system, we can call a special phone number, enter the giftcard number, enter the transaction ammount and enter the code the computer gives us. then the automated message generates another code that we put into the pos and then it rings up. And yes. sometimes communication errors (computer wise) fails and we have to resort to using the telephone method.

Don't know why blockbuster doesn't have something similar to this.

As for the first time the guy went to blockbuster. wonder why the csr didn't manually enter the giftcard in the first place after it failed the first time?

also, has the person actually called the phone number on the card and verified that there is cash on it?

Anyways. Also people do steal giftcards or give them away as "prizes" with no value on it.


Ok, this is a prime example of how Blockbuster is working for satan. One cannot distinguish the pure evil with the dark underlord and the Blockbuster corp. I mean they are RIP OFF ARTISTS, people. Netflix is clearly the wise choice for many reasons I shall re-list on another post. Take my advise and ditch Wal-Buster to join the good guys. Before Netflix existed I too had givin thousands of dollars to the above mentioned company, yet after learning about an alternative I jumped ship and honestly I will not set foot in a Wal-Buster ever again.


Yes, Blockbuster is too big to care. Additionally, they don't know film and they don't have to. Netflix is sometimes comically off in their reviews, but you can see that they are trying to appeal to real movie junkies, as well as White Chicks renters. Blockbuster only really caters to the latter.


I have worked for Blockbuster for a little over two years and yes every now and then we have problems handling computer related issues. As a company we dont make enough money to cover our overhead while still keeping out computer systems top notch. We have hundreds of stores with millions of customers and yes I acknowledge that some stores may not have the best of staff. But that is true with any company as large as Blockbuster. I have never in my two years seen an employee or computer system intentionally cause a problem for a customer. If something happens causing an issue it is usually equipment malifunction or simple human error. Human error is the most common form of mistake within any large company. The archilles heal of Blockbuster is that a simple mistake sometimes causes a large problem. It's never intentional. All of you have had your order messed up at a Mcdonalds or Burger King. And sometimes you know it's hard to get good custromer service on a friday night when a store has already done 2000 transactions, but Blockbuster has a very effecient way of weeding out the bad employees, and it usually takes care of itself in a timely fashion. Some people take one or two bad experiences as the entire customer service policy of Blockbuster. My staff, personally, is the most effecient group I've ever seen out of any major corporation. If the above mentioned person had trouble with the giftcard I'm sure it was an honest mistake followed up by a lot of confusion. Blockbuster sells more giftcards than almost all other major retailors with the exception of best buy or simon. Sometimes we do have problems processing them, but they can always be entered manually. Because Blockbuster weeds out the bad employees so quickly, we do have a lot of new faces in stores and sometimes they dont know the advanced details of the system. On the other hand we do have problems with our credit card machines (which run the giftcars even when their entered manually) Our entire computer system runs of Satelite, and as all of you know, when there's extremely bad weather in the area or in the line of site for the dish it's hard to process cards. We've had bad nights where we had to turn away alot of customers because we couldn't process ANY cards. I've had the same problem at Burger King and EB Games before. It's just an unfortunate problem which requires lots of appologies. What most people don't know is that Blockbuster doesn't make that much money. Gross income is HUGE, but our overhead is also HUGE. Statistically, Blockbuster serves more customers on a weekly basis than any other retailer nationwide, and sometimes people get screwed. There have been weeks where I've had to do hundreds upon hundreds of dollars of credits. There's a very thin line between telling who's trying to screw us and who's getting screwed and somtimes the innocent get caught in the middle in our attempt to root out credit hogs. In that case we try to salvage the good customer best we can. My store personally lost about 10,000 dollars to Theft last year. One of the highest in my state. This year it's one of the lowest, with the highest transaction rate. That was achieved by determining who was screwing us and getting them out. Not everything always works out for the best and everyone always believes that because we're a large corporation we dont care. That's not true, the store employees care, and if they dont, they wont be there much longer.


I work for a blockbuster as well and all i have to say is that its not like the people that are hired are taught to work in a scam like environment. Its not like the managers teach us how to add late fees to someones account just to boost revenue. The last thing any manager or customer service rep wants is an embarassingly angry customer swearing up and down on this and that. I mean, we do have to go to sleep at night you know all of us do have a concious. Our store alone has 4 million dollars in credits in the last six months. yes, thats taking late fees off for people but because of our new precision system of checking in movies it is almost unrealistic that anyone who brought in a movie on time should get late fees on it. Once you work there, you will see that its not just a scam and the thousands of people who say that it becomes very annoying because they are complaining with no thesis to suppourt thier argument.


I to work in blockbuster and the store i work in is one of the few in our distric that is profitable. People do bring in movies and then they stand right in front of you and lie straight to your face that they returned that movie on time, actually it was 11:45 becuase they had to be somewhere at 12. The fact is that I was there that day and I had a bad feeling towards that persons movie and decided not to check it in untlll it was late. Because I really care to add a 5 dollar late fee to that particular person's account becaue I just had nothing better to do. For me personally if you tell me the truth listen I was late can you help me out with this late fee there are the magic words the truth! And guess what your late fee is gone because i just don't care, they really don't pay me enought to care about a 10 late fee because if you choose to take it to a distric manager they will take it of and give you something extra. once you start yelling at me or start cursing that is where I start caring about every $5 that blockbuster looses because of a written of late fees. the best is when people tell me they will never come to Blockbuster again and then you see them 3 weeks later. yes we do have problems with giftcards sometimes but we also get a lot of girtcards stolen that are not at all activated and paid for. I mean if there is nothing on that card there is nothing on that card and I can't do anything for you. As for the gentelman in the letter yes it is a $ 20 dollar giftcard that he could have picked up on the sales floor and came up and said they want to use this. I am soppose to take his word for it and give him 20 dollars worth of merchandise just because he says his gave it to him for a birthday gift when he fully knows he just picked that card up on the sales floor. somethimes the equipment does mall function but so does everything else and you do have a choice to come back or not. but that is your choise same as it is your choice to buy a dvd for $25 when you can go to bestbuy and get it for $16. Or to rent form a blockbuster, be late and pay a late fee or rent form netflix. It's all the customers choice!


joanna if you read it you would see that he used it once and then the other time it was blank, as in the remaining balance disappeared. you should read it in context more.

rettman david

blockbuster fraud; mr sam miller doesn;t seem to have
time to return calls. I rented a couple of item;s
at 43rd ave & olive in phoenix . a friend of mine was
in line behind me & rented 2xbox games my purchase was
put on the check out side so I waited on my friend He
made his purchase &we left' I RETURNED MY RENTALS on
TIME . no problem you would think] wrong I STARETED
getting over draft charges one for A 58$ charge & one for a2$ soda purchase TOTAL 60 DOLLARS IN INSUFFICIENT
FUND CHARGES; come to find out when my friend checked
out the clerk hit some kind of button which put his
purchase on my account Ifound this out when the
asistant manger & I viewed a tape & she said they
they made a error & should not have billed me for
someone elses merchandise see he did not return
his games on time and they billed my account which
resuulted &the 2 over draft charges I had to retrieve
the games from my friend and return them so they would
re credit my account the cost of the game;s 58 DOLLARS
but refuse to repay my NSF CHARGES CAUSED BY THIER ERROR


david rettman

TO HAVE SOOM RESPECT AND HEAR THEM OUT . Ibelive her nameis eliza hernandez my opinion very poor management

yours truly DAVE R.


I too have been ripped off by blockbuster. I admit that I have turned movies in late, but on more than one occasion I have turned in movies on time only to find out that they had been checked in late. There was one occasion where I started recieving late fee notices on 4 games that they had rented out to someone not on my account. It turned out that an employee of Blockbuster had been renting games to her friends and family using other peoples accounts. I understand that employee theft is not condoned by Blockbuster, but even after this fraud was uncoverd, Blockbuster still gave me an INCREDIBLY hard time regarding refunding the late fees. Once my account was credited (Only after many letters and calls) I promptly cancelled my account with Blockbuster. I am now with NetFlix and have been for over 2 years. I strongly urge everyone that rents movies to join netflix. They are a Customer oriented buisness that provides a great service to it's customers. I have never had a problem with them and will be a loyal customer for a long time to come. Dont be fooled by Blockbuster and Wal-Marts Netflix like service. Wal-mart will just try to push everyone else out of buisness then raise their rates and as for Blockbuster, I wouldnt give them one red cent no matter how much they try to get me to sign up for their Netflix rip off.

Karyn Schultz

I have received rude and obnoxious treatment from the "manager" of the Blockbuster store on West Broad Street in Richmond, Virginia. I am writing because I cannot fine a customer service web site or phone number to lodge a formal complaint against Steven Allen. He accused me of lying, swearing and hung up on me in the middle of a phone conversation. I have been a customer of Blockbuster since they opened in Richmond. I also e subscribe to Blockbuster on line and have DTV through Blockbuster. I will cancel all accounts and recomend to every one I know to avoid Blockbuster because of this rude person.


It is amazing how people are so quick to judge others be that other individual or other buisnesses. Does your company/ workplace make customer care mistake? I am positive they do I am positive each and everyone of you have made mistakes that "screwed" other people if not at your jobs then in you own personal life. The ultimate resolution is get over it! I have recently gone to a store made my purchase payed and left, only to find out that the individual in front of me left without paying b/c our teller was just in a hurry and didnt realize that she didnt pay. so I called the store explain what happened and they refunded me they had no proof that i was telling the truth or tring to "screw" them. They acctually refunded the hire of the orders. I left with 140.00 dollars they lost 140.00 dollars them didnt have to do that. so tell me if you were me who whould some of you blame the teller, the previous costumer.the store or your self? I blame the previous person and myself, all of you negative people probably bleme the teller and the company why because then you have something to cry about and yes if the teller was paying more attention and if i was paying more attention this may have never happened if the previous customer wasnt an inconsiderate asshole it would have never happened. So all my point is people make mistakes people may not be 100% educated about every aspect of the job (all of you trained at one point or another) They do not mean to inconvience or "screw" anyone inparticular. Blockbuster is one of the leading movie renter/retailer in the states they didnt get there b/c they dont care they got there b/c they do and for those of you who are infatuated with bitching blockbuster doesnt have late fees anymore but i guess that is b/c they want your money and not b/c they care about there customers. They greet you when you walk in the door b/c the cant stand you or b/c they want you to feel comfortable. The run money saving promotions in your backyard to rip you off or b/c they try to keep your patronage. Yes the gift card situation is unfortunate however i am sure that something has been done by now or will be done soon. Some mistakes are blown out of porportion and individuals who allow for this to continue would never last in an interpersonal or sales job position and if youare or did then i guess you are a hypocrit. To all blockbuster employees I feel you do a very good job. Dont let other unhappy people bring you down.

I've had issued with Blockbuster myself. Three times an unidentified person used my card. Each time I’ve closed the account, opened another and had a note put on my file for some form of id to be shown on my account whenever rentals are taken out. Today I just got another call from the Blockbuster HQ stating it's happened again. We live in Virginia. The first time the person took the videos out of the Genito Store in Midlothian. The second time it was in the blockbuster store we frequently visit; this time it's Hemet CA???
The Genito store location was the unfriendliest in dealing with this situation. The Harbourview store has been the most helpful. They have taken off the credits/movie charges and I thought this was taken care of. Tomorrow I have to call the store manager in CA to see what we can do about this. I've been trying to reach a Corporate office and have gotten a serious "run around" I've called information - the number was wrong; The Harbourview Store associate gave me another number, that too was incorrect. In my quest to get information I have reviewed the BBB.org website and Blockbuster has an unsatisfactory rating. The poor rating is due "One or more unanswered complaints regarding customer service problems"
569 Complaints
349 Resolved
11 Closed/Unresolved]
5 were closed as the
company made every
reasonable effort to
If the CA store does nothing about the charges I'm very concerned that the corporate HQ will do nothing to help me. I wonder if anyone else has experienced identity theft. This seems like such a silly situation. It's only a Blockbuster Card. They have not gotten my banking information or any other personal information that I'm aware of. I'm now ordering credit reports regularly to check the activity. Is there anyone who has any advise?

Drew B.

well, I am personally confused as to why so many Blockbuster employees would risk exposing valuble information about the company. As I sit here I am typing as a Manager for Blockbuster Entertainment. I would just like to advice all those employee's who decide to post comments that infact there is a definate risk involved. go back to your store and read the Standard Operating Procedures and view your new hire paperwork. By disclosing secrets to Blockbusters Policies and procedures runs the risk of termination. However, I would just like to inspire consumers who read this to really ponder the thought that not every major corporation is out to take them for their money. Honestly think about how many corporations have listened to the public to bring them what they want? Not too many. And also before you raise your voice at the young man or woman behind whichever counter your at at whichever business remember: their job is to help you in any manner or fashion they are able to by the perameters set forth by their companies. Also technology malfuntion is not the fault of the employees or manager but of the technology- its not perfect, but it is there to help make the visit as pleasant as possible for the consumer and painfree. As a response to the original letter- if companies trusted every single person for every thing they said in every situation- they would be bankrupt- as in example of the gentleman using the giftcard once previous and he said the card should have been redeem instantly for the $20 face value; now how much that store lost on that idea? as much as $19. Please think responsibly about what you say and how you act general public... because everyone is watching you.

Drew B.
Assistant Store Manager
Blockbuster Entertainment


Enclosed is the reson for cancelling my account I will be sending a copy if the following to your corporate headquarters.

The quality control of your dvds in your online rental program has little to be desired. After numerous complaints and attempts to advise you about the damaged dvds that you keep sending out even the damaged dvds you send to replace the damaged dvds I have sent back, and completly indicating on them that they are damaged, the problems have never been adresssed and no quality control has ever been put in place, therefore I could not be given a fair membership to your home delivery program, I was never given the chance to rent the amount of dvds I should have recieved within the the expressed benefits of you membership. Instead of upgrading the quality of your inventory you gave coupons to use in my local store which defeats the benefit of home delivery. More than sixty percent of the dvds you sent were unable to be viewed. I felt I kept my membership long enough for you to address the problems I have communicated to you numerous times with no results forthcommming I am forced to cancel my membership and still very unsatisfied by the terrible and condesending customer service I have recieved.

I can't address the subject of the Blockbuster website or telephone helpline--sounds like the typical large instituion nightmare (such as Sallie Mae, the worst)

For EMPLOYEE TRAINING, however, the company is the best I have ever seen in my 30 years of studying businesses.I know someone who started as an entry-level employee and within six months got the training to advance to assistant store manager. The employee is so proud of his work and so motivated...the district and regional managers are acting like true mentors. The employee has received extensive training in accounting, finance, customer service, etc., before being promoted to asst. manager. I have great admiration for Blockbusters for this reason.

My advice is to work at the store level. Go one level up until you find a human who understands - and you will. It might be the district manager, but you will find somebody. And if the store manager didn't handle it right, it will affect his or her performance review.

In summary, you can rely on BB for effective management practices. Keep complaining to real people at the store and district level, and your problem will be solved.

Dave Licklider

I worked for Blockbuster for five long years. The company is one of the most greedy I have ever seen. Employees are pushed and even threatened to "support company initiatives." In other words--sell, sell, sell or get fired.
I know that many CSR's do not follow correct check in procedures and there are many times that an item is not checked in and is already sitting on the shelf.
Yes, it is quite a difficult thing to find a contact number for any kind of customer service for this company. They will give the run-around until you just give up. I've seen this many times. I have tried to find contacts for customers and was dismayed to see that there is a real run-around procedure in place. They will make up all kinds of excuses about this but one thing I really do know is that Blockbuster is great at coming up with lies. Her father taught her. (Satan)
Blockbuster is truly Satan's daughter. Never do business with them; warn all people you know. Above all, do not listen to these little whine bags who work for the company and defend it. They are beeyaches for the company (little whores) who will say anything to keep their paychecks coming. I got out. Why don't they.
By the way, Blockbuster's top dogs make well over $500,000.00 per year. More than a few of them make this amount--makes you wonder why they are always trying to trick people out of their money... There is no truth to claims of "overhead costs." They are an extremely top-heavy company that grew too fast and made too many promises and is now just a sad, greedy corporate hell.


I work at blockbuster too and I am having torouble with the store manager. I Tried to call the district leader but she didn't return my calls. I don't know how to get the person above the district leader and noone can seem to find the number. I looked in my employee manual and there was a spot for that info to be written but they never gave us numbers. So basically i am being screwed and getting the runaround just like the customers. it is evil. stay away.....

fuck you all stupid customers........LOL get a life losers..........get laid


Hey, I work for Blockbuster. But, don't get me wrong, I'm not going to sit here and stick up for them. The employees in the store, however, really have their hands tied when it comes to resolving issues like that. Sometimes the network is down, or the card gets abused to the point where it cannot be read. The people behind the counter are just doing their job. The problem is that the corporate office does not give them many options to resolve issues like that. If someone came in with a gift card that did not work, I would not be able to do anything for them, not because I don't want to help them, but simply because I can't. It is unfortunate that such a large company does not have a way to fix your problem, but I will say that your friend would not have been able to pay for the gift card until it was validated. If a card cannot validate, then it is impossible to get a total for it. Good luck getting your money back, but Blockbuster is in such disarray right now to some serious financial difficulties. The company, as a whole, isn't as custome friendly as it could be. Just remember that the people behind the counter are not trying to screw you. They are just doing their jobs and are stuck between a rock and a hard place.


Wayne Huizenga- a notoriously connected to the FAMILY man- has been the owner of a certain Waste management company for years in addition to having owned the Miami Dolphins and bought and sold the Florida Marlins and given South Florida its first World Champion team- thanks to a huge mercenary payroll and a good team - but a really odd baseball stadium..
Allegedly Huizenga, who is of course alleged to have mob ties would be in the garbage halling business- I mean Tony Soprano works in that business as well so it stands to reason that its a good business for hiding profits from other enterprised. What I have heard through very very smart sources is that Blockbuster was used as the PERFECT Company to launder money in- I mean really-how does anyone know if they rented 1000 videos or 10, its impossible to really know if you were the IRS so what better way to "clean" drug money etc. than to own Blockbuster and Waste Management-now I do not want to wake up with cement shoes so I need to state here-this is total Speculation and is very likely BS ;)
But thats my story and I'm sticking too it.

I think Ballbuster must be mighty pissed that a slodgy little operation like Netflix could come along and smartly snatch away over 50% of their customers in less than 2 years. But now Netflix is going down hill fast though so I suspect Walmart could get their business.

GInger YOst

I have never been so angry at a company that I have posted a note about it. I just want to go on record, for whatever it is worth, to say that the Blockbuster on Zuni St. in Broomfield, Colorado has extremely rude employees. We have had more than a few encounters with the store where employees have treated us extremely poorly. I look forward to them losing other costumers, as well as myself, and having to go out of business.

Blockbuster employee UK

I work at blockbusters in the UK, and i think the guy that said the regional and district managers were like mentors is either full of shit or extremely lucky, the regional managers and district managers here are complete rat-fucks, they scare you and force you into pushing bundles, EX: right now we're running a 3 movies for cheap deal but at the same time people are being given free movie coupouns through the mail and in magazines and such, now which option do you think the customers will go for? and they give us shit on for not pushing enough bundles? can you explain to me the logic in that please...

if you do ANYTHING to piss them off, they will do anything they can to get rid of you, if they have a personal grudge against you, they will go through extreme measures to get rid of you, and will make up all sorts of bullshit to make themselves not seem as petty, that's what's happenning to me right now, but i'd rather keep the job cuz i could really use the pocket change....

as far as customers errors go, i'm not defending anyone here but Blockbusters hasn't updated their systems since 1995, a customer who came by informed me that he was a former employee and you know what he said? he recognized the terminals because he used to work in the exact store about 10 years ago...they're cheap as hell, and they couldn't give 2 shits about their employees...

i've heard of cases where employees (one of them who was carrying a child) were physically assaulted by customers and they defended themselves (as any person would)and the employees got their ass handed to them by the big dogs...um..why? because the employee is worthless? :P they'd rather keep the customer happy and make their money even though they beat the shit out of your own employees, again can you explain to me the logic in that? the bigwigs make more than enough money to solve all these problems but it would mean no jacoozee for the living room *sniff* :-(

and we don't need bullshit from customers who turn in movies late and bitch about it, most stores have cameras that can prove otherwise, and turning in a movie 5 minutes to 20 minutes AFTER the store closes doesn't count as turning them in on time! quit whining over a couple bucks and assume responsibility like mature adults, we're just doing our jobs, we're not out to piss you off, we all need to eat and pay the rent and that's something the rat-fucks in management don't realize...they're greedy as hell and i think i've bitched enough lol, just needed to express this in full


I could care less if you have worked at Blockbuster since you were in freaking daipers. They are a bunch of rip offs and with this new NO LATE FEE crap. It's flat out false advertisement. They charged me a late fee to my checking account 3 months later and never once sent me a letter stating I had even had a late fee causing a innsufficient fund fee of $30 on top of it. When I spoke to the manager she pretty much laughed in my face. It doesnt matter what any of you Blockbuster employees say all you have to do is check out the BBB. So many complaints have been made about Blockbuster that bankrupcy is coming your way.DONT GO TO BLOCKBUSTER!!!!! LA VALE MARYLAND OR ANYWHERE ELSE.

Steve Carstens

One thing that might help all you so call honest Blockbuster employees would be to give customers a recite when they return their movies. This simple action would have save my membership and a lot of hassles. Instead the clerk told me she was to busy but would take care of this simple action later and my movie disappeared for over a month and after numerous call to the corporate headquarter that told me the stores are privately owned and they had no real control over them plus call to the store owner that were blocked by the counter clerks that started the problems I found the problem. My movies were given out to their friends to watch and it was not until I went into the store and raised my voice to the point of being threatened with arrest that they came clean.
The coupons are not worth these types of problems.

james roberson

hi i recently increased my account from 4 a month to unlimited i didnt no that would cause problems instead of recieving 3 at a time i only recieved 2 i got an e-mail saying the movie would be here on the 1-10-2006 that did not happen what a let down please look into this matter my account is with netflix thanks james roberson


Blockbuster is the worst company on the planet. Store manager Scott in council bluffs iowa at woodbury ave location is very rude. He refuses to give you his employee number or last name. He laughs in your face in the store and on the phone saying nothing will be done for you and that its your fault because they lost the movies you returned. Its not my fault of an employee stole them. They said they would look into it and get back to me. Then I get a letter in the mail from a collections agency. Hmm oh we took care of it alright. Scott should not be a manager. I was a manager of a huge corporation for 5 years. If I was the owner of that store and saw the way Scott treated customers he would be fired right away. Customer service “customer care” passes the buck and said the account was closed and I would be getting refunded. Thats not the case. I find out the account was still open even though I went to the store and they said it was closed as well as calling customer care to close it. Company is full of lies! They still have my $20 which I shouldn't of had to pay because I returned the movies. I didn't want it on my credit so I paid it. I still haven't received an apology from blockbuster and I haven't received one from the store manager. Netflix is the best thing out there. I encourage you to cancel your blockbuster membership and join a company that has great deals and great customer service. Netflix rocks!

Terry & Gina Voots

We too just experienced the same Blockbuster scam. My wife received a $20 gift card from a child at school. We went to use it and the clerk said it was no good. Blockbuster said it was not a valid card at a store in GA.

So we called the number the store gave us and the Blockbuster customer service person said it was an old card.

We can't in good mind approach the child at the school. So we loose, and so did the family who bought it in good faith.

I think they repackaged or used old cards to scam the public. This was an intentional choice of course.

Shame on Blockbuster. They suck. We tried twice to solve it. We too will write the company and file a formal complaint. But in my opinion never buy gift cards from this company "Blockbuster", and think twice about giving them business.

These kinds of companies should be put out of business by consumer choice. It will catch up with them, and I plan on sharing my experience with the public, friends and family.

They stink!!!

Terry & Gina Voots

Yes I am accusing Block Buster of Fraud. They are bad people.

Terry Voots


Okay there seems to be a lot of people that have anger issues toward blockbuster. Just one small bit of information for all of you out there in regards to having problems with girtcards. Sadly the older giftcards that were sold prior to sept of 07 according to the fine print on the giftcards would expire after a certain amount of time. This same type of problem happens with other retailers as well. That is why the new law was just passed that no longer allows ANY retail to do this. If you purchase any giftcard from blockbuster now it comes with a small paper that says that the giftcards no longer expire. In certain cases you can still call customer care and they will resend you new giftcards to replace the ones that have expired. Sorry to all of you that have had bad visits to any of our stores.


All I can say is that every time I have a problem with a DVD I received from the online site, there was a chore in getting it resolved. First they don't put a contact number on their site and want you to use their form as the only means of contact. That doesn't work as you seem to receive some form type response that doesn't really answer the question you asked. In addition, or I should say because of the lack of personal contact the issue isn't resolved in a satisfactory manner. Twice now I have had problems that were ongoing because of inability to talk to a real live person. In order to get a contact number I checked my credit card bill and called the toll free number listed with the Blockbuster charge. That number transfered me to some scam operation where it wanted me to dial 1015158000 and pay over $4.00. I'm not sure for what? To reach an actual person??? Would they even be from Blockbuster. So I searched online under "Blockbuster Customer Service" and found a different number that sent me to the same scam phone line. It was through subsequent searches I found this site. Finally I had to call the local store to get the number and then I was on hold for 10 minutes! The last time I got through to the correct toll free number I was on hold for 23 minutes!!!!

I finally got to speak with a person who was nice enough but when we hung up I was left with an uneasy feeling that the same problem would happed yet again and I'd have to go through the same mess all over again.

I'm changing to Netflix. I'd actually change to Hollywood Video if they had an online service.

Cry more. Seriously. If the machine doesn't work they can't just trust any faggot that says, "Hey, I have $200 on this card. Give me stuff." Yeah, it fucking sucks, but there's abso-fucking-lutely nothing can or will do about it. Come back when you have a real story about shitty customer service.


It's much better to sit in front of your desktop and get plenty of movies whenever you want without arguing with someone. It's very easy, get a software which records netflx's movies and you'll have all the movies you want on your pc. I'm doing in this way and I chose to use Tunebite as a screen recorder, because it can capture video streaming, since Netflix's movies are encrypted and not flash video and must be captured and not downloaded.
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Bryant Fry

I have had a Blockbuster online/delivery account during the period of transition into "no late fees" at store locations. Even at the best of times, Blockbuster service was not as good as what I encounter with Netflix.

My nearest store location, Bakersfield (White Lane) is "managed" by a middle-aged, rode hard and put away wet, former meth-head who acts like she tows the company line while robbing the store herself. I've watched this lady haul out boxes of merchandise (unless she's a collector of some kind who buys 3 of everything) and then preaches to customers what a problem with theft her store has. WOW! WTF? That lady's a freak, and needs to go back to rehab before she goes back to jail.



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