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I think most people in the United States want to get far away from Blockbuster video after many years of getting ripped off by them. I personally hate everything about that horrible company and I hope they drown themselves in thier own online service launch. Besides, if Blockbuster ties thier online rental accounts with thier current in-store subcriber accounts then they will access all of the late fees etc. to both accounts and people will get fed up and just switch to Netflix in the end. I personally have tried Wal-Mart and cancelled them before the free trial was over because it took three times as long to get my DVD's compared to Netflix and my one expierence with customer service was as bad as it could have ever been! Take my advice and forget the instore coupons and just foget about Blockbuster as they are the dinosaur and I belive Netflix is the ever adapting solution to a movie lover like myself.



Living in one of the few Blockbuster-free refuges in this country, the coupons don't mean a thing to me. So naturally BB keeps sending me surveys asking why I cancelled after my trial, promising a free rental coupon each time. It's getting rather irritating.

Now, if Netflix started a similar relationship with Hollywood Video, I wouldn't say no to that.


A coupon for 10 free movies couldn't entice me back to physically going to the video store and picking them out! I ALWAYS hated that, and I'm especially looking forward to netflix and tivo's deal next year. In fact, I've asked for tivo for Christmas so I'll be ready!


I too live in a BB free zone, aka rural. No cable or satelite so Netflix is a no brainer for us.


They are a perk for me, I did the two week trial of blockbuster and thought the free rental coupons were nice. Sometimes I just don't want to wait a few days to get something from Netflix, like if I don't currently have any movies, but a friend comes over and we want to rent something, it's nice to be able to run down to the video store and pick something up right then.

But I didn't stay with Blockbuster because their closest distribution center is in Michigan and I'm in Tennessee. If they get a distribution center that's closer in the future, I may switch.


I've thought long and hard about it, and those coupons would be handy in exactly one situation....when the inlaws visit and they don't want to watch what I've got in my Netflix envelopes next to the TV.

But, I doubt I'll ever give Blockbuster any of my money, every time I even think about it, I flash back to the time when they spent $5 in postage to keep sending me reminders every week that I owed them $.12 somehow. Corporate greed at its most rediculous.


Being disabled/homebound and lacking personal transportation, the in-store coupons would be totally valueless for me.

As far as visitors that don't care for what I have on hand from Netflix, they are more than welcome to go to any brick and mortar, select what they want, pay the tab and be responsible for return.


I like the coupons, makes it easier to get something when you're in the mood right then. By-mail service is great, but not when you want to see something NOW instead of two or three days from now. I think the coupons are genius and will likely be Metflix's undoing once Blockbuster integrates their in-store subscription product with the by-mail product (a Blockbuster worker told me recently thet they plan to roll out an integrated product sometime early next year that combines the in-store and by-mail all-you-can-rent plans).

Tony Gentile

If all other things were equal (namely, turnaround time and selection), the coupons would seal the deal for me (until VOD/VOI, at least).

But as a long time Netflix customer and supporter, I'll wait to seriously consider abandoning them until it is clear that Blockbuster is ready to /earn/ my money.

Unfortunately and ironically, I wish in some ways they would have partnered. Microsoft, Comcast, Verizon et al are the path, intending to blow VOD/VOI out to the masses.

This one is truly a race against the wind. Godpseed to Reed & crew.


Not Blockbuster coupons. Never. I have a Blockbuster gift card which remains in my purse unused. However, an independent store, with a wide selection of foreign, independent, and silent films, might entice me with coupons.


Ah, that's a good idea: a Netflix/Independent video rental store link up. Of course, not being a business person I have NO idea if this could work, but it SOUNDS good to me. I know a good indie store in Brookline, Mass. that would probably go for it! Personally, I will always be loyal to Netflix and no Blockbuster coupon would ever intice me. Sucks to Blockbuster.


I use them every month. For us, it made the decision between BB and NF, because my wife is more "on-demand" and likes scanning the shelves for a movie to watch that night or weekend. That said, the last two months she never got around to using the coupons, so on the days before they expire, I drop in an grab something for myself :-)

NF probably doesn't have to worry if they can keep fast turn-around a key element. For example, BB is a 5 or 6 day turn for me, but my friend who has NF has more like a 3 or 4 day turn-around.

///[email protected]

I did the Blockbuster trial thing to check it out, but never having to step foot in a Blockbuster ever again is one of those things that makes life worth living. So coupons are worthless.

Adam C.

Since BB announced that the coupons can be used for games as well, it's a huge turn on for me. 2 free xbox rentals a month sounds great!

I left NF due to horrible customer service and lousy tunraround times even though their warehouse is less than 3 hours away! They cleared out my queue twice and I did not get movies for over a week each time. Customer service did nothing for me. They had a bad habit of sending my movies right back to me. I would call and complain to no avail. The 7th time (yes, 7 times!) that I got the same movie back that I had just returned (twice) I called and cancelled. I now use BB and their turnaround sucks as well and they too are only 3 hours away. However, they have never messed up my queue or failed to send me the next DVD accurately. As for the coupons, they are great because it is the only way to get a new release if you use BB Online. Every movie released in the last year has a wait!!! I am thinking about trying Walmart now!!!

Rocket Punch

I do believe Blockbuster do have a competitive edge over others by giving you two free in-store rental coupon to online subscribers. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to see that their online service also competes with their own brick-n-mortar stores; and that is an attempt to draw some of those online customers back to the stores. You have to understand the biggest money maker in their stores are their overpriced snacks, previewed videos, etc. However, eventually you will start to see them scale back on psychical stores and concentrate on distribution centers, as DVD became the mainstream media (vs. video tape).

On their marketing front, some of the misses I can see immediately with their coupons are:
1) The 2 coupons are only good for their online subscribers (with their name actually printed on the coupon). By doing so, they slam the door shut to potential new online customers, such as a friend, a co-worker, relatives of the online subscriber. Why not let us give those coupon to other people and by doing so give you a chance to sell your service face-to-face to them??

2) The coupons are only good for DVD. The problem with that is I already have a DVD service, give me 2 in-store coupon for more DVD is not a good way to entice people who don't want to go to the store in the first place to go to the store.(Hello, is there anyone out there??) Give us a reason, like say if those coupons are also good for video game rentals?

Well, to answer the original topic. Yes

Rocket Punch

Well, there you go!

Quote form BB FAQ:
"#3 Will there be a change to the e-coupons currently included in the BLOCKBUSTER Online membership?

A: The two e-coupons offered as part of your BLOCKBUSTER Online membership will now be redeemable for free in-store game rentals as well as in-store movie rentals at participating BLOCKBUSTER stores."

Now it became extremely important ^^. Way to go BB!

Link to original FAQ: http://www.blockbuster.com/corporate/displayFAQDetails.action?faqId=1089099


Blockbastard is a horrible place. Their discount coupons just bring the rental cost down to what other, non-chain video rental stores charge. I live 2 blocks from a Blockbastard which just got rid of all their VHS tapes which reduces their appeal because a lot of older, and more interesting, films are not available on DVD. I got a real bargain from them when I bought one of their VHS tapes from the bargain bin for 1/3 the price of a new blank tape (I made sure the film was a dud and the tape was at least as long as a standard length tape.) I have also bought some decent films on VHS tape very cheaply too. Luckily, I live in a neighbourhood in a large city where there are lots of video rental stores nearby; 5 stores within 15 minutes walking distance.


The coupons are wonderful. Because BB decided to go with coupons that are good for GAMES, NEW RELEASES and older movies they are almost godly to me. I had GAMEFLY and BB so I could get movies and games, but GF sucks so bad its sad. They overcharge for a 2game option. Sadly BB has no online game rental yet. The coupons work for me because I can rent games Sans late fees everymonth. For free. so that killed GF in my eyes. And so far I have no reason to switch back to netflix. The only problem I have is finding customer service numbers for ANY online company.





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