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Thats soo sweet. Im on the Blockbuster 8-at-a-time unlimited $37.49 ($47.99 Netflix) Plan. That beats netflix by a huge amount. And since it takes the same time for BB/netflix movies to arrive, Im saving tons of $$$$$ by staying with BB.


I think both companies are missing out by not having a 4-out plan around the price of the old 3-out.


I was thinking the same thing as Manda. A 4 out at a time plan would be splendid IMHO. I'm with Netflix, and right now I'm going to stay with Netflix.


What I don't understand with Netflix's new pricing plan is that all the plans look like they will be the same price per disk. Does anyone know if you will get a faster turnaround using the 5 out or 8 out plans? If the service is the same, you might as well subscribe to the 3 out plan on each service (BB, NF, and Walmart) and expand your choices.


I know Netflix has been purposely slowing down my shipments. I am concerned that with the price drops, we will see more of this on a wider scale so they can make up the difference. When I have discs back to them on Monday and they don't ship out until Thursday and won't come to me until the next Monday, I start to wonder...


come on, I have been a member of Netflix for almost three years now and the turn around rate has been steady ever since I joined. There has been really no difference in turn around at all over this time. By the way, does anyone give any credit to how much $ Netflix has saved all of us over these years saving us from the devil or err.....(Blockbuster).

Darrin E. Buth

Netflix's shipment of DVDs is sporadic at best. While some members are still receiving overnight one-day service many of us have seen an obvious slowdown of our DVD's we have returned and the next one to be shipped.

I have been receiving e-mails asking when dis I receive a particular DVD. I am having DVD's being checked in on a Monday (mailing them back the previous Thursday) and receiving the next DVD in my queue on Thursday. I am 90 miles from San Jose, CA so I know that I should receive them on Tuesday or Wednesday at the latest.

Robert P.

After hearing about the price cuts, I've been considering signing up for one of the online rental services. Do any of you know which company provides the best value/price? Thanks. Robert P. (Berkeley).


Robert, I suggest giving BB a try first.... NetFlix likes to play pricing games, and I am un-forgiving. BB has been good to me thus far.


I just got charged twice in the same month by Blockbuster. I moved out of the area where I signed up and cancelled that same day. I went back a couple of days later to confirm the cancellation and it WAS confirmed. A couple of days later (9 days after being charged this months fee) and they charged me AGAIN. They require you give them a credit card or debit card to sign you up and they charge it automatically every month until you cancel (so they say). I'm not saying don't go with the Movie Pass but it will be a cold day in hell before I trust them to with my credit card again. I'll just go back to the old fashioned way of renting until I can stream a movie at or near watchable quality.

Stephen Chow

I usually get my Netflix Dvd's the next day they were shipped, 2 days at the most. I tried Blockbuster and it took 4-5 days to get my Dvd's to me. I'll stick with Netflix.


I've been getting my DVD's the next day as well. There have been a couple of times I've gotten gotten my dvd's on a Thursday instead of Wednesday, but that's only happened about 3 times since I've joined this year.


I've only been a member of netflix for a couple of months but i love it! the turnaround time is muy short, usually it takes a day to ship. I've got it to the point that it only costs me a little under a dollar per disk on the 5-a-time program. I did try walmart and i didn't receive my disks for 1.5 weeks because of supposed "short delays". i'm definitely going to stick with netflix.


Please realize that Netflix punishes heavy users by adding the delays. They feel that customers who rent less movies should be able to get access to the latest movies more easily than customers who rent a lot of movies. Netflix says that customers who rent a LOT of movies, have much more chances to get at "the good stuff."

So remember, while you may have been a customer for a few months, or maybe even a few years, think about how often you are renting. Just think about it for a second, and maybe you're not a heavy user, and that's why you're not experiencing week delays.

I have the 8-out plan, and I'm less than 20-30 miles from San Jose, CA, and occasionally I'm waiting a week, because I'm a heavy user. Although, I went on vacation and was work busy for several months and didn't rent, and wouldn't you know it, when i started sending dvds back again, they came super quick for the first month or so again.

I'm tempted to try the Blockbuster 8-out plan, but I'm concerned about the selection of dvds they actually have.


When BB went down, I upped to 5/time. They sent a newsletter stating that their service level had slowed, and gave another free pair of in-store movie rentals (another bonus). I have to remember to remove those I get from the store from the Que.

The new "ship when the post office scans the tag" causes me to have 6-9 movies out at a time. they ship when the post office records the tag, I get an email when the dvd is received. Has improved the speed a bit.


I stopped using Netflix due to the turnaround. When I first signed up 3 years ago, and I lived in a small town, I would be able to return dvd's on Monday and receive the replacements by Friday. Now I live in Nashville and it takes 2-3 times that long to get movies, not since I moved here, just since the price war began.... Judge for yourself.

About BB, I had them, their selection of Indy and less popular films is very limited, like the stores, Netflix definately, if not more slowly, has a MUCH bigger selection, especially if you like Indy films.


DVD used to be on a one-day-transit schedule - One DVD every three days (mail one back Monday, received by Netflix on Tuesday, they would mail one out right away, and I would receive it on Wednesday). However, because of my heavy work schedule, I would be days before I actually watched and returned the DVDs. Now I am semi-retired. I watch the movies the same day I receive them.

There has definetively been a slow-down since I've upped my viewing. A DVD sent Monday from Colorado Springs to Denver (60 miles away) is sometimes not checked in until Wednesday. Even then it's taking Netflix one to two days before they ship a replacement out. I have contacted them about it with direct questions regarding purposefully delaying shipments, and got a generic answer. Subsequent e-mails received additional vague responses.

As a subscriber and stockholder I am not happy right now. They are either experiencing a breakdown of their process (a worry as a stockholder), or they are arbritarily limiting the numbers of rental per month (a worry as a subscriber). The question is simple - explain how a year's track record for expedient receipt and shippment all of a sudden breaks down to a frustratingly slow process that makes me want to try competitors.

Maybe the answer is to quit for a while, then come back as a new customer, enjoy the speedy service until it slows down, switch service, and then repeat.

I would be interested in hearing from others that have experienced slow-down in their service. Maybe it will serve as additional consideration on the decision to dumpt their stock.


Netflix policy states: "As a result, those members who receive the most movies may experience next-day shipping and receive movies lower in their Queue more often than our other members"

It is unclear if "most movies" refers to the subscription plan (i.e. 8-out vs 3-out), or if this refers to actual rental history.

In the first case it seems like it would not make sense to go to the higher plan because you will be limited in DVD throughput.

In the second case it seems this would be a fraudulent practice since it goes against their stated "Unlimited number of movies"; it's not unlimited if they arbitrarily slow the shipments.

In either case this does not make me very comfortable as a stockholder, and makes me question the ethics of the practice. The equivalent example would be an all-you-can-eat buffet . . . but if you are a big eater, you have to use a toothpick instead of a fork and spoon.


Netflix has definitely slowed in the past two months for me. And it was sudden - had to be on purpose b/c it happened right when they lowered their rates. I wouldn't mind paying the extra $4 for the previous faster service.
Blockbuster - here I come...


I just noticed the slowdown this week. I wrote an email complaining about it, but after reading everyone's posts here I doubt I'll hear back. I'm probably going to try out BB and change my 8 out to 3. If I had stock in Netflix, I'd probably dump it at this point. But if you're in it for the long haul, I hope Netflix get's it $#it together.


BB is supposed to know when their dvds are returned by when they enter the postal system. I mailed my three back two days ago by handing them to the guy taking the mail out of the box in front of the main post office, and they've not shown up as being returned. I sent BB an inquiry as to why of the 44 movies on my queue, 22!! were not available yet. Didn't receive any reply. So much for customer service. I think they've slowed down their system as a result of lowering prices.


I just found this article about Netflix cutting back and ordering less new releases:



Yep, I definately noticed slower shipping in the past 2 mos. I certainly hope it's not being done purposely! Been with them for about a year, was always happy, except the very beginning, received alot of broken discs. They even stopped sending the questionaire emails on shipment receipt. Somethings up, and I hope they fix it. I will NOT go back to BB. I was completely turned off after years of being ripped off for late fees. Now they come out with their new campaign "no more late fees", which I knew was a scam to begin with. I don't like sneaky advertising. It's form of fraud in my book. So I'll stay with Netflix for now, unless someone better comes along.


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New releases on NF are now 28 days later than BB. That makes a huge difference and will probably lean me over to BB again. Both are giants at this point. The down-home feeling of NF with access to Friend's and Fav reviews is gone. Watch Now is filled with either dated flix or straight up garbage.

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