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john doe

Never lost anything but have received broken discs before


I too bought a movie. I broke one when it fell on the floor and I rolled my office chair over it.
Since I did not feel it was right for them to eat the cost as it was my error, I looked it up and they had a provision to purchase when you broke it. They sent me out a replacement that day.
I like the service.....but I wish they turned things around as quick now as they did when I started the service. Yesterday as an expample they said the would send a movie that has been waitlisted for over 2 months (Spotless Mind) on Friday, and said it would not arrive until Wenesday. Since I live within 1 day of the shipping center, how can this be?
If NF ever sends you a message asking how long it takes to recieve a particular movie ignore this email. Answering will mean your delivery time will go up significantly in my expierence.


I cancelled my service a while back (have since renewed) ... when I cancelled I sent all three DVDs back, and for the first time ever, two didn't show up.

They charged me $20 a disc at the time, and promised to refund me if they did ever show up ... one did about 2 months later, the other never did. While I was a little miffed, I still renewed again :)

Hunter McDaniel

Steve - your movies always GO BACK to your local distribution center but they don't always COME FROM your local distribution center. The occasions when they don't are when you see the longer than average shipping times. Rightly or wrongly, their algorithms assume that you would rather have the movie at the top of your list even if it takes a couple extra days to come from another distributionc center, rather than a lower-priority disc they could send from the local center. Even so, they have enough discs coming in every day to satisfy most requests locally.

I've always responded to the 'how long did it take' emails and it hasn't affected my delivery times.


Ive never bought a video before, but I have reported about 6-7 lost over the years. At one point, I thought someone was stealing them from my mailbox (3 in a row didnt show up), so Netflix recommended to change the shipping address. I changed it to my parents for about 4 mths. I then changed it back to my address, and everything was fine until abot 4 mths later, i didnt receive another 3 in a row. I reported them lost, and they sent new ones.

I have to say, Netflix has been VERY good about this. They could have easily kicked me off as a member, thinking I wasnt returning them.

I also had 1 that I recieved cracked, but not shattered. I didnt notice it until it started acting really crazy in the DVD player LOL. They sent a replacement the next day.

BTW, I have a post office about a block from my house, so I always put the returns in the main box myself.


i had one that two weeks to get to my house - as soon as i reported it lost, it showed up, and so did the replacement. And one of mine was lost in the mail, the Price of Milk, which took awile to get because it's fairly rare. That one i felt bad about but didn't offer to pay for the USPS mistake.

I had a friend who moved and lost his two Netflix disks in the move. He didn't know about the option to fess up and pay the piper, so he stayed enrolled for a while, not able to get any movies. Finally, he called up their support department and got the story, paid the $40 and immediately got his next two titles.

I guess the good news is that he didn't see any waits for a while. :-)

Folks, I promise you, Netflix does not alter your account in any way if you do or do not answer the delivery surveys. They're used to decide where and when to build new hubs, so if you don't answer them honestly, you're only potentially punishing yourself.

Kim Jong Il

I thinks you are some form of Netflix capitalist spy. Infiltrator! Silence with your lies and propaganga. We know you mess with us. We know this. Do not deny.

Becky, you should never pay. These are the people's movies.

I loaned a couple Netflix DVDs to a friend and he lost them. At my suggestion, he purchased used copies online for $10 each and I returned those to Netflix. Netflix got back product essentially the same as they sent me, my friend saved $20, and I learned never to lend DVDs I absolutely must get back.


Hmm, I wonder if there was a DVD that cost more than $20 retail, and you wanted to keep it, you just report it as "broken" pay Netflix the $20, and keep the movie, actually save money...

Must work out well for them too, considering they get $20, minus the fees they pay for processing the credit card, and they can buy new copies of dvd's for around a dollar I'd imagine.

I have had to report several as damaged, they skip, don't play, are cracked, etc. and cleaning them doesn't work.

I've also had to report several as lost in the mail. They all showed up eventually, just about a week or so late. One time a return mailer arrived to me damaged so I put 2 dvd's in one mailer like they say to, they claim they only got 1 of them back, when I know they got both back...that one has never "showed up."

Another one just recently, has been 4 business days (plus a weekend) and the movie hasn't showed up to me yet, reported it as lost, they offered to send me a new one, but since it wasn't a very important film for me to see, I just had them ship the next dvd, as I'm sure this dvd will show up in the mail...eventually. If it doesn't, I'll just rent it again.


Netflix buys DVDs for a dollar & can sell them for 20 bucks? News to me. I should load up on their shares.


Well, I recieved a copy of Cowboy Bebop Vol. 4 with a large crack in it, reported it broken, and got another copy... in two pieces! I was a little wary that they were gonna stop believing me, and also disappointed that after two months of no glitches, I had been so thwarted in getting to actually watch this disc. Still waiting to see if the third try is the charm.


I've had discs arrive broken - returned w/o problem.
I've had discs arrive wrong movie - returned w/o problem.
I've had discs disappear in the mail to them - reported, no problem.
I did ONCE lose a disc myself - contacted them and given the option of $20 fee I instead went out and bought the disc at Target for $14.99 and shipped it in to them - no problem :)


Been on their two week trial for about a week or so now. After returning the second set of movies, their site tells me that one of the three did not arrive, even though I dropped all three in the box at the same time. I think that they need to re-think their decision to use return envelopes that clearly denotes what the contents are. They should instead use blank return envelopes to thwart potential thieving. Will wait one more day to report the lost disk issue...and see what happens. Been trying BB online too. Netflix has better lead time, but weaker selection.


We have problems if we can't trust the mail service. Even if they changed the envelope look, it would have to remain essentially the same to serve its purpose, and anyone who knows what a NF envelope is now would quickly learn what the new ones look like.


I just rec'd an email from B-buster that they rec'd a movie I sent back to them two months ago!

I was going to cancel, but I am afraid there may be more movies that B-buster has not rec'd from me, and in a month I will be mysteriously charged for 6 "missing" movies.

Scary, but they are keeping me until I can make sure all my movies have been returned.

Jim, I had a trial account with them back in late Oct. I cancelled. I now have a new account with them under the wifes name.

My old account received 2 emails last month (Feb) saying they had received 2 movies from me. I had reported both of them lost in early Nov. I reported them lost and they never said a word. I later quit the service now 3 months later they found them. At least its good they still let you know they got them. I have never had NF tell me they found a lost movie that I had sent back.


I have a question I put all three in the mail and they only recived two, will I have to pay for the disc or do they restrict my account to two untill the other returns, just wondering

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