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Hasn't Netflix been around since 1997? I think I joined in 1998; could be wrong, though.


Are you getting paid to sway people from not trying BB? Every other post is bash BB and say how wonderful netflix is. Netflix used to be sheet when it started so for crying out loud, give BB some slack.


Blockbuster.com has of course been running for some time. They just hadn't been putting it to much use until recently.


I find this practice highly annoying as well as unprofessional. I conacted Blockbuster via email and the replied back that the problem had been fixed. As of today still doesn't work. This is so easy for them to fix I just don't get it...


Hey Mike, have you checked out the name of this blog? Of course it is going to be pro-Netflix.


Why don't you jut type netflix or blockbuster then do a ctrl+enter? Does this make you a "Not an Internet User? Not trying to flame. Just demonstrating a point...


Kinda odd your bashing blockbuster so much. And, have their adds on your webiste asking people to sign up through it so you can make money. Hmmmmnnn...


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