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I like the idea of being able to perform more advanced searches.

Brian W

While the simplicity of the website might be something of a competitive advantage, a power-user feature like this would be great. Right now, I still do most of my movie-related searching on the iMDB and then I go back to Netflix when I'm ready to actually add something to my queue.


Sort of on-topic, but the one thing I'd like to see is the "Foreign" genre broken up a bit more. As it is now, it's hard to find movies in a particular subset (Japanese Horror) due to the fact that *every* foreign movie (horror, comedy, drama, romance, etc) is lumped into the same category. I'd be happy if they just removed the Foreign genre altogether and put the movies in whichever real genre they belong in.


I know what you mean - I have two kids at home and always have to check user comments to determine whether there's any nudity or sex in R (or un-) rated movies before I add them to my queue. I wish there was a more efficient way to determine this, because the MPAA rating (if there is one) doesn't always mention sex and nudity.


Throw my hat in the more advanced search list. Being able to exclude movies that I've already seen/rated (I know that the stars are yellow in search results for movies I've seen but it's visual pollution in my book) and other advanced features (such as exclude by rating) would be great.


I don't know that you need a search to break out R-rated movies. If you have kids you probably won't be renting them anyway. Right? That's why they have that rating, but if it makes people happy, why not?

I would definitely be open to an option to only show movies I haven't seen or have marked as not interested.


What Netflix needs is a search engine comparable to even the most basic of online DVD stores. I'd LOVE to be able to search by year of release, production company, studio, etc. But, even if they did have this, it'd likely be as riddled with errors as the present search engine is. I've long ago given up relying on "Category" as a reliable way of finding a movie on Netflix!

Will from Nebraska

I would have to agree with Bombadil--it is always kind of irritating to me that I kept getting recommendations for movies I have rated---and that means that I have already seen them! I've never really understood if this is intentional or if there just isn't some logic missing in the search engine on the site generating these recommendations that would omit the ones I'm not highly likely to rent. That would seem like a simple enough fix to me.

I like the "in queue" and "move to the top" and other queue management improvements that have recently been added. To me this is the real way to keep ahead of the brick and mortar competitors, have a much nicer over all user experience. Hey, it worked for the iPod.


Sure they got advanced search. It's called Google:

site:www.Netflix.com inurl:MovieDisplay 1969..1975 +Coppola

Just kidding, I know it stinks...

Walt D in LV

I am completely in agreement with the Advanced Search request.

Presently, I, too, use IMDB.com to do those searches now. Even Netflix has areas on their own website where they recommend going to IMDB.com, for example


However, I also must state that I am constantly impressed by how Netflix continues to improve their site. Sometimes it's little things, and sometimes it's by leaps and bounds, but they're always changing, and that's why I've stuck with them all these years (4 and counting!)

Walt D in LV


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I like the "in queue" and "move to the top" and other queue management improvements that have recently been added. To me this is the real way to keep ahead of the brick and mortar competitors, have a much nicer over all user experience.

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This entry was 5+ years ago but still came up top in google when I searched. What I'd like is the ability to exclude a production company from appearing at all - recommendations, new arrivals, everywhere. Everything I've seen from The Asylum is garbage and I'd rather not waste any more time even reading titles of their movies. Is there any 'hack' of Netflix for this? I'd suggest it to them but they don't seem to allow any web/email feedback and I'm not going to call them.

John Fisher

To avoid see movies with R ratings, you can go to the netflix web page - sign in - go to you account & help - scroll down to preferences - choose account profiles - click on edit - change maturity setting to whatever level you prefer. By doing this I was able to no longer see R RATED movies as suggestions - I could search for a movie title but would be unable to add it to my queue unless I had a password. This works great on my wii because of the limited search function the wii has with netflix I can feel comfortable letting my children use netflix without constant looking over their shoulder.

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