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Netflix Investor

I think advertising could be a huge revenue stream for Netflix. Movie and DVD advertising is just the beginning. How about pizza coupons or netflix specials, or coupons for movie tickets, dvd's etc. Could be a huge value add for customers and add to Netflix's bottom line as well.

I really can't believe they haven't done it already. As an investor, I'd like to think it's a trick up Hasting's sleeve to keep the new subscription price low without sacraficing profitability.

Since they read your site, can you put a suggestion out that they do more of this in the future?


Interesting...just got one of these myself. They are really having big promotions, with a free DVD from Blockbuster, and these envelopes at Netflix now.


Mike, I just logged onto see if you on top of the green envelope story...As usual, you're all over it...I just got mine in the mail too! It's a nice change of pace. They should mix up the envelope colors for a nice change of pace...


There's at least three versions of the envelopes! :)



i wish there were blue envelopes.

blue is the best color ever.

how about an "I ROBOT" or ROTK promo with blue?

i think that would be great.

it would be cool if they did pink for something too...

i was a bit surprised by the green envelope today,,, after getting so used to red ones for the past 2+ years.


I got one Friday with my Breaking all the rules DVD. I had two red, and one green. It was pretty surprising. :-)


Perhaps they want to disassociate themselves from the color red, given recent events.

Please, no pink envelopes. I get enough strange looks from my neighbors at the mailbox with RED envelopes!

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