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Wonder if you get a free month if your on the 5 or 8 out plan...


I think Blockbuster is going bust. I joined BB Online about 5 days ago and still haven't received my first movies. I only did it for the Skrek2 DVD so it doesn't matter that much - i won't leave Netflix for this fling. Tonight i went in to their store to see if i could get Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind (long wait on both systems), and got lucky because they had 1 copy. The girls at the counter were trying their hardest to sell each and every customer on the Movie Pass and/or online subscription. They even tried to talk me out of their own online system in favor of the Movie Pass.

In the end, i think it serves them right. Blockbuster came in to the video store business, changed the rules, had more copies than anyone, and put many mom-and-pops out of business. Now Netflix is doing the same to their game.

You know, I get this image in my head of the old RoadRunner cartoons. The Road Runner (NF) has just run off a cliff, across open space and over to the other side, and Wile E. (BB) has just gotten half way across and realized there's nothing under him. He turns to the camera and has that forlorn look and holds up a sign that says, "Whoops."

Joe C

I just got a similar deal from Netflix. I was going to cancel and try out Blockbuster's service. I received an offer to keep Netflix for $15.99/month for the next 6 months. So I think I might keep Netflix, but those two free rentals a month are tempting since you can use them to rent video games.


i joined the blockbuster freedom pass and enjoyed it at first, but then they canceled my acct by accident and charged me 20 per dvd and late fees up the wazoo.. I had a bill over 100 bucks.. I returned the dvds, didnt get refunded or an apology.. The guy at the store had the adaucity to ask me why i had my movies so long, as if it was my fault, i then snapped back by saying "i can keep them as long as i want, theres no late fees!!"
and then he omitted that theyre are late fees, after a certain time period! I told him to go to hell and that I was taking my bussiness to netflix! I hate blockbuster i hope they rot! Block busters no late fees= a crock of shit

"and then he omitted that theyre are late fees, after a certain time period"

Did you think that you could keep the DVD forever? Also, maybe you should get a dictionary and look up the word "omit".

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