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I have 90 movies in my awaiting release queue! Do you think I have a problem? I look them up at yahoo movies and add them before they are out on DVD. I figure much better to add them while fresh!


I TiVo "Ebert & Roeper" and watch it every week. Immediately after each show, I go to Netflix and add new titles to the "Awaiting Release" list based on their reviews. Six months later, those recommended movies start showing up in my queue. I move most of them to the top so I can get them while they are new and undamaged.


I enjoy this feature also, but last night I discovered a glitch it the system—it doesn’t seem to include movies that are soon to be released as new to DVD (i.e. movies that have been on tape for years, but are going to be released on DVD for the first time in the near future). For example, last night I was looking to add “Other People’s Money” to my queue and NF doesn’t have it (nor does BB, BTW) even though it has a DVD release date in less than three months (Feb 15, if I remember correctly). Has anybody else noticed this or is it unique to this film?


The Awaiting Release queue is a top 10 reason for using online instead of stores for me.


How about a section for those type of movies, so you don't have to remember the name to find it?


I love using this feature. I think I have about 20 or so movies in my queue right now. I stopped going to the movies as much when the gas prices and some of my other expenses went up. I found waiting an extra 3-9 months is no big deal. I have a list of movies that will be released or I use yahoo and just do a search and save them. Then I wait for the movies to be released and move up in my queue. Love it!!

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