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blockbuster sucks, and their ceo sucks as well!


Umm.. I am just stating the facts here not passing judgement..

Reed Hastings (aka CEO of Netflix) sold 10,000 shares a week all year up to about July or August. That rings up to somewhere btwn 5-10 Million $ while the stock has dropped from a high of 39 to 11.5 (-70%).


Brian W

Personally I think the most fascinating part of the article is that the Times used the word "oodles" in a financial exposé.


Ah "oodles". That explains how IHT picked up the story (I read they monitor Google News for 'oodles').


It pains me to see how much this guy gets while the employees in his stores are doing all the work, with major labor cuts (30-70 hours a week), extended hours for the "salaried" employees and the constent threat of being fired if you are a tenured employees. Meanwhile they bring in people of the street who does not know anything about retail. Is he afraid of us tenured employees exposing what is going on since we actually now how things work?

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